Machinecraft metal ear commission


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Thanks guys! They'll look great mounted on a helmet. :cool:

Dakota, my sanding technique is very simple:
1) Set aside some time, lol. Sanding the whole set took me maybe around 3 hours over a couple of evenings.
1) Sand by hand using 120 grit sandpaper. Sand with the "grain" on parts where grain may be visible.
2) Finish with 0000 steel wool. Try to go in the same direction as with the sandpaper.

That's really it! For some reason, most of the sanding required is on the left ear piece. In both of the sets I received, the RF ear parts didn't require a whole lot of work with the sandpaper. Just a little bit to get the "swirl" marks out of the surface, then a fairly quick pass with the steel wool.
The left ear had some more pronounced ridges or grooves or something. They just needed some more time to smooth them out. (y)


Eric, what tape do you use to mask with? The blue painters tape I use really stinks. It doesn't seal edges and rips the paint off when I remove it.


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Tamiya makes a really good masking tape but it gets a tad expensive with the amount I use. Lately I've been using this

Works great, seals edges, doesn't mess up the paint underneath


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I do use the Scotch blue tape for most things. I haven't had any issues with it pulling up paint.
Things like that could be due to the paint not being fully cured before using tape.
I also use the yellow Tamiya tape. I think the adhesive is a little more gentle maybe.