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Hey all I been searching the threads and have had no luck of finding a thread showing all of your buckets from the inside. I am curious to see how each of you take care of the foaming/padding issue, as well as cosmetics :)

Well if you can point me to the thread of post the inside of your bucket that would be swell!

all my best
i don't have any pics because it's not a pretty sight! i can describe it though.

i have built up a collection of grey packing foam. ibm uses a great medium density dark grey foam to pad everything, so whenever we open up gear at work, i steal the packing stuff.

on the inside of the dome i put a layer of egg crate type foam. it's really thin, probably 3/4" at the thickest point. this was just the right thickness when compressed by the weight of it to get the eye slit at the right height for my head.

there's also a layer of this on the back, at the keyhole area.

along the inside of the brow there's a 2" wide strip of 1" thick foam that runs the length of the eye slit, plus about 1/2" on either side.

on both sides there is a rectangle of roughly 1.25" thick foam, maybe 4"x5" overall.

this will be revised once i add a couple of fans in there, but for now it's working out ok.

this is inside an msh2 helmet.
some household sponges kitted into the right places (try with double sided tape first) is all you need for a liner... hmm... for the rest?? primer bits, spray bits, glued in visor... ugly thing to see on the inside!! :)

(Myn is even worse on the inside when I wear it!! :p )
I have a pic (among many others) of my interior on my thread. Search for "superjedi's M_S 2" and you should find it.

Inside of helmet2.jpg

This is the inside of my helmet. It is a Rubies, which I don't mind because I have a fairly small head. The only major challenge with them, is the shape. I have a 1/8" peice of steel flat stock that is holding the flair of the mask. I also have 2 computer fans mounted with twin 9 volts wired to one push-button on/off switch. I know there is a lot of people that favor the foam for the inside fit, but I bought a safety hat at a home improvement store for 12 bucks that had this very comfortable and adjustable helmet liner and I really like it.
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Hi Gonzo

here are some pics of mine. :D
I had a thread up a few weeks back as I was doing a run of these. I can do some more, if anyone would like? Should be able to get them out quite quickly.
PM me if interested

Dom (BH7866)


the kit

The rest of the interior was made out of modelling clay and just bits&bobs found lying around. So can't really make more of those unfortunately.

I also set up the inside of my trooper helmet. I do a kit for these too.


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