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Okay- I have never made a prop or cast anything or made a mold - nada LOL

I want to make a Lekku Headpiece for Aayla Secura - complete with the leather headpiece and ears (ill just paint these to look like leather etc)

I completely dont understand how to make a mold or what out of LOL. If i get a mannquin head and sculpt it on that will it fit on my head when its finnished? What do i sculpt the original out of? I understand there is some differance in the sizes of latex items from the cast to when its cured etc? It is foam latex i need to cast it with? Uuuh im so prop thick!!! Help!

If there are any books or guides or if anyone can help me with a dummies guide to casting id really appreciate it cause i have no idea where to start LOL
Thanx very much Ill order that :) The American amazon.com price is $13.59 and the co.uk listing price for the same book is £52.99 LOL which is $101.52 - Typical!
Okay i bought the book it arrived /cheer.

Now - someone told me that latex shrinks so i want to make it bigger than i need it? Will i need to cast my own head to build the lekku onto or will a mannaqin head do? Is it foam latex im looking to make this in?

Sorry noob alert lol
There is a girl in my garrison that has in my opinion the best lekku around. It looks real. Very nice. She has a web site but i can't find it. i will contact her and get some info for ya. :)
phantom viper said:
There is a girl in my garrison that has in my opinion the best lekku around. It looks real. Very nice. She has a web site but i can't find it. i will contact her and get some info for ya. :)

Oh, wow... I wandered onto the boards to check out the latest Twi'lek discussions, and that was the last thing that I expected to find. Talk about a feel-good moment! Thank you! (Since I'm the only Twi'lek costumer that I know of in your garrison... I'm hoping that you were talking about my lekku. ;-D)

To answer some of the questions I'm seeing:

First, you need to use mask latex, not foam latex. Foam requires a lot more equipment, chemicals, and professional know-how than the average costumer will ever have. It also has to be baked. Mask latex, on the other hand, requires no mixing and cures all by itself as the water and ammonia evaporate.

Secondly, yes... the latex WILL shrink as it cures by up to 10%. Each time I cast a set of lekku I leave it in the mold for a few days to cure, and by the time I take it out it's like a size 6 person wearing a size 10 pair of pants. The lekku are almost two inches shorter than the mold, and considerably smaller around. (I leave it in the mold to keep it from ending up with a flat spot that can happen if it cures sitting on a flat tabletop.)

Thirdly, yes, you should begin with an accurate copy of your head. It helps keep the lekku the right shape to fit correctly.

Here is my website. There is one page about making lekku, which includes some supply links. There is also a page about making an Aayla costume which has information about body paint.

Pam's Twi'lek Creations

Hope that helps you!

Pam :-)
If you have never made a mold before, and want to avoid the hassle, let me offer a suggestion: While I was in the local toy store looking at the plush creatures, I came across the ones made of stretchy nylon and filled with plastic beads. I don't know their propper name, but they are soft, supple and stretchy. I saw the snake figure and thought that it would make an excellent headtail.

So I suggesting that the lekku be sewn lycra and filled with polymer beads. They would be flexible, light, and move nicely.

My $0.02
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