Leather Skirt Pattern Needed

Rence Shecal

New Hunter
I was wondering if anyone had a diagram of how the leather patches for the skirt are laced and what the final dimensions and number of squares was that was decided upon? I should be getting my leather hide soon and then I'm going to go right into cutting it and getting it put together. Any help on the construction would be great.

Ok, so it's 12 or 13 rows of 14 or 15 squares with the top ones being 1 1/4" wide and the bottom ones being 2" wide, all of them 2" high. And there are two quarter inch high holes punched in each side of each square...have I got this right so far? And then it's all laced onto a sturdy leather belt to wear under the cumberbund. Oh and it's about 34 meters of sturdy, full leather lacing....I think.

Big question now....how do you do the lacing? It looks very complicated and no matter how much I read or how many pics I look at, I just can't get my mind around it. Help, please?
Ok, 6 reloads later and a number of forced image loads, I was finally able to see the pics. <lol> Thanks for your help, guys! Might post them here as a refresher for anybody currently working on gear, if no one has any objections. Thanks to DustinCropsBoy for originally coming up with these.

The center stitching:

The side stitching:
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