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So, a long time ago in a galaxy much liek this one. Well, exactly this one. I had a great little leather outlet that sold leather in different weight cut into various sized pieces so one could purchase what they need instead of a whole hide. That place sold to tandy and is no more. Does anyone else know any place like this? I need a couple of pieces of leather to make a couple holsters out of for my custom and don't need or want to spend the money on a whole hide.
Theres a web site you can order it from i think but my mom is a sewer her own job and makes all kinds of stuff and theres this place where she orders her special fabric from but certain leathers are like 167.00 a yard
I should say. I'm looking for some veg tan tooling or shoulder leather. 8-9 oz. specifically. And if your mom is shopping with someone who is selling any leather at 167.00 a yard, she needs to stop shopping with them. Tandy and leather Unlimited both sell whole garment hides at 99 bucks.
Hey I was just looking through, and saw you are looking for leather. Well I work for tandys here in SA and I know of the pieces you are looking for. Just let me know how much you are looking for and what your budget is, I can get leather for you at employee prices with low shipping. If you want.

OK after checking things out heres what we can offer...(prices offered to you are lower than employee pricing :) !!

Live Oak Premium Tooling Side 8/9 oz. 9026-00 Retail is $8.69 sq ft Your price $5.50 sq ft

Oak Leaf Tooling Sides 8-9 oz 9157-78 Retail $6.99 sq ft Your Price $4.29 Sq FT

We can sell hides by halfs and wholes
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Sure... now you offer this! :facepalm Where were you 18 months ago when I bought all the leather for my Zam? :( :cry :facepalm Aarrrgghhh!!! :facepalm Though, I do need to add that it is very nice of you to offer this for TDH'ers! Thanks!
Well 18 months ago we were not at Tandys, our Tandy just opened last October. Sorry ....hehe. But will be here to help out TDH'ers in anyway we can.
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