KRIPTON TOP 501st Approved?


I just ordered his Soft Parts off of Etsy :/ Did I just mess up? :( Hopefully not but I wish I would have seen this thread before I odered from him ugh.. I hate expensive lessons... Fingers Crossed.

I ordered his flightsuit there before I knew about TDH, I placed the order in Dec. around christmas time. the suit came in early Feb. I recommend you use Fedex for shipping since that country is having issues that is affecting their post office!


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Carol (Arkady) is THE go to for flight suits. She's done both mine as well as my flak vest, neck seal, hip pouches and boot spats. My armor I got from Imperial Outpost Armory. I know MinuteFett is now selling Fettpride plates and helmets but if nothing else, Bobamaker and Wasted Fett are superb for helmets and armor.


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I ordered the flight suit, vest and neck seal from him - seems like a nice guy but suit was tight as hell -neck seal and vest were tight as well , I actually lost weight after I sent measurements in so I don’t know what happened but he’s going to adjust and resend - hoping it fits better - The armor material is good , easy to work with but all the smaller items are plastic and look cheap - I won’t be using those - better material would drive costs up So I get it - everything took longer To receive but with Covid 19 I understand - the knee armor is in 3 different pieces with a lot of sanding down / cutting required - I’m reading that’s the old way to do things - I’m a newbie so I’m learning as I go along the journey - hit me up if you have any questions I will answer to the best of my abilities