Kid's Boba Fett Costume build WIP


Thanks. My son is pretty excited. Especially since we've started on the jetpack. We've got a good start on it and I hope to hit it hard next week and get some pics up.

I'm about $10 into it so far. It pays to have friends in the construction business and be a woodworker yourself. Lol.


And now for something completely different. My son was cleaning up his LEGO stash and found Han Solo and a Boba Fett head. So he put Fett's head in Han's hand and made a Shakespeare/Hamlet/Star Wars mash up. He then says "Look daddy, It's Han Solo doing that Shakespeare play about Yorik." Complete with Star Wars audience and Yoda as Shakespeare.

"Alas poor Boba Fett! I knew him, Jabba, a fellow of infinite cunning, a most excellent adversary. He hath tracked me across the galaxy a thousand times, and now how abhhorr'd in my imagination it is!

My gorge rises at it."


And now for the jetpack. I sized a full scale pattern down a bit to fit my son. The final width came out at around 10". I started with the main tube and top and bottom panels. Since I wanted to make a bit bulletproof or a 9 yo I used some 1/2" plywood for the top/bottom, a 3" thin wall PVC pipe for the main tube, and an 1/8" think piece of mdf for the back. That will give me a solid base to build on top of with foam core board and other hard foam pieces.
The two plywood circles are for the interior of the PVC tube.

After inserting the plugs int eh PVC I screwed them to the top and bottom plates.

Then attached this to the backer board.
1/8" MDF bends pretty easily so I could form it to the curve I needed.

Thinking ahead I put some blocks with tee nuts in them for attaching whatever harness I come up with.






This looks great, can't wait to see it pained and weathered!
We'll see how the painting goes. depending on my timeline I may not have time to weather it. I'm going to try to get a bit of weathering in there. Not sure how to go about it yet. any suggestions? I've never tried to do any proper weathering.


More progress. Made a part of the panels that cover the side tanks.and attached them to the pack and installed some foam to help support the side tanks. I've got foam core board cut and ready to go over the tanks once they are in place.

Add a little bondo over the foam and sand it down, ready for the tanks.




I tried to shape the caps for the top and bottom of the tanks using foam and the previous technique on the drill press that I used for the cone on the blaster. Didn't work well this time around so I switched up gears. I had some JB Weld wood epoxy from last years porch repair so I sculpted some top and bottom caps.
I molded them on top of some thin pieces of pine that are cut to the same diameter of the side tanks(I'm using 2" PVC for those).

Here they are glued in place and then put in the pack. They aren't glued in yet. I need to drill locator holes for the side thrusters before I permanently install the tanks.





Moving onto the top of the pack I made some parts for the top of the jet pack. This time I used the same technique from the nose of the blaster with foam and bondo and it worked pretty well. I made 1/8'" caps corresponding to the top and bottom diameters of each of the larger parts from WOFs prints. I put two small dowels in each disk to help hold the foam in place as I turned it on the drill press with sandpaper. The 3/8" dowel is instereted in the foam and then the drill press so I can sand the round shape.

Here it is glued in place

A little shaping on the bandsaw

and the onto the belt sander

Then I chucked it in the drill press and used a wood block with sandpaper to sand it to final shape.







Some more time at the scroll was and I made some of the smaller parts out of wood and glued them together. Here's all the parts of the top missile assembly. Some already have bondo on them and need to be sanded. After that some smoothing with sandpaper and then cut the dowel protrusions off and glue it together.

Next up is the base of the missile at the top and the side thrusters and it's almost complete.




Wow! You're really kicking this thing out and it looks great so far! I'm amazed at some of the ways your'e doing certain parts. Should be fairly light when you're done.


So far so good. I gave it to my son to try out and he said it felt good. Going to put it on the scale soon. I got the rocket thrusters done and completed the top missile assembly. I'll post pics in a couple of days.

Had to take a break from the pack and moved to the upper body armor and a first stab at the basic gauntlet form before he heads back to school. Because then my helper/model to check for fit will be gone most of the day.


Started shaping the armor and I'm almost done with jetpack. I got the missile assembly completed and glued together. IMAG3357.jpg

For the base I took two 2x4 pieces and turned them down on the lathe to the diameter needed to fit the top. I'll drill a hole in it and the missile will set in that. IMAG3384.jpg IMAG3353.jpg IMAG3358.jpg
The back of the jetpack at the top was formed with some foam and sanded/shaped to fit the top (note the Star Wars shirt my assistant is wearing. you can't do this without wearing the correct clothing according to him). I coated this piece with a mix of white latex primer and drywall mud powder and sanded it to shape.

For the notched section at the top of the base I took a scrap of plastic from a storage tub lid and cut it to shape. After messing with it I determined that the stuff doesn't take to heat as well as PVC or hold a shape as well once set and cooled so I'm going to redo it with a a flattened piece of thin wall MDF and cut it out and shape it to fit. IMAG3381.jpg IMAG3382.jpg

I made the piece that straddles the main tank and the base of the missile from some 1/8" hardboard and sanded it smooth and to match the contour of the tank. IMAG3386.jpg


Next up are the jets at the sides of the pack. I turned the cones on a lathe.

for the ball section I bought some 1.5" round balls from the hobby shop and drilled flats in the proper spots using various size forstner bits to get the shape I wanted then drilled a through hole for a 1/4" bolt so I can attach it to the side tanks later. The stand offs on the balls are made from 3/4" dowel that I glued to a flat on the ball and then shaped to fit the contour of the side tank IMAG3349.jpg IMAG3351.jpg IMAG3346.jpg IMAG3346.jpg IMAG3350.jpg

I used some more wood putty to make the cross design on the front of each jet. Now they're ready for paining. IMAG3365.jpg

At this point I'm not going to do much more assembly. I've dry fit the parts and have good seams. It will be easier to mask parts where glue goes and paint them individually and then do the final assembly.



Been busy gathering parts for the costume. I managed to find a pair of pants and a shirt that come close to the grey of Fett's flight suit. He's got an old white tee shirt I'm going to dye a light gray to attach his body armor to. found a pair of grey gloves I can butcher for costume purposes and finally figured out what to do about the shoes, Adult sized socks painted to look like Fett's boots and they can slip over his hiking boots. I tested this out yesterday with him. My old sock fit over his boots perfectly so I can slip them on his boots and mask and paint them to give them the look of Fett's boots. Serviceable for his costume and unless you're looking close you really won't notice it. I'll post pics when I get to those hopefully next week.