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ok, ive seen a bunch of you put some fx on ur give me soem constructive critisism on mine please...



I can't figure out Windows, never mind computer special effects. Those pics rock, man! Great job! If only it was real! :D

John Barrows, Jr.
Dude, that is awesome! I was gonna ask how you did that but looking at your second pic tells me you screened some stock footage of fire over the pic of you. Am I correct? The reason I say that is becasue I can see a slightly overdefined edge line like it was'nt screened all the way. My only other question is: Where did you get the stock footage from?
Oh I guess you just kinda cut and pasted it from another image. My bad. By screened I mean you had a picture of fire set against a black background. In photoshop if you se teh layer transparency to screen it will remove all the black and leave only the image that was ontop of the black thus giving you a flame on a transparent background. It is used when rotoscopint lightsabers in Photoshop. Does that all make sense?
no i did not use creen, and i knwo what that is... I cut and pasted my self over, myself, and placed the flames in between. Im usinf PS to rotoscope the movie im involved in right now.... pain the the can it is.
Flamethorwer pic - Looks pretty good. It seems to blend in to the background pretty good.

Flame exhaust - I have to agree with Phantom...the edges looks a little to dark and defined. You may want to feather the edges in some, so more of the background blends into the edges of the flame.

An after thought too, that kinda flame and smoke would produce shadows on objects and the ground. Don't forget the shadows...

Keep up the good work.
i was thinking about that...i wonder if Chris Bartlet will elt me in on his illumination secret he used on his...prolly just an orange light positioned when they took the pic....

ill work on that
oh i KNOW who he is, ive been talking to him for about two years now... this is PRE TDH Chris...only Central Garrison Chris. ;)

BoJangleFett wrote:

Flamethrower with Mace Windu on fire = PRICELESS!

:lol: :lol:

Actually if you are masking yourself off or layering yourself, it should be easy enough to use a colorizing paint tool to add an orange tint to those areas.
Thanx LT im already on such luck really, as video is Hi8 not really any good for editing this way... but im workin on it...pix soon
Ask and ye shall receive!
Here's a brief tip on creating the orange tint created by flames on an object. It's done in photoshop. Although if I had more forethought, I'd set up a neat orange light during photography.

Cut out Boba and put him on his own layer:

Add a cool background (always keeping the layers separate)

Add your flames:

In your Layers palette, duplicate Boba's layer. This will make a new, duplicate layer in exactly the same place above the current Boba layer:

Open the Hue/Saturation menu:

Click the "Colorize" box and adjust the Hue and Saturation bars to turn Boba orange:

In reality, the light of the flames would shine just on the side of Boba that is facing the flames. Using the eraser tool, erase the orange parts that are away from the flames. Adjust the layer opacity down a little so it's not a full 100%
Now, with the original Boba layer turned off, your new duplicate, orange, slightly erased Boba should look like this:

Turn on the original Boba layer, leaving the new orange one on as well:



This is also necessary when putting Boba (or any character) on top of a dramatic background. In order to not make him look like he's just pasted on top of a background, you'll want to do this little trick to make him look like he's actually in the environment, surrounded by ambient light and atmosphere.

Hope this makes sense or helps in some way :D
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