Jango/Boba Armor Size different?

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I was looking at a few pics of the Fett's and realized something. Boba's vest ends before it gets down to his belt, which wouldm make is armor just above that. Jango's vest goes all the way to his belt and his armor is right down to the edge of the top of hit belt. Taking that into consideration, can it be assumed that Boba has smaller armor than Jango because it needs to fit onto a smaller surface?
In my (seemingly) never-ending quest to scale my armor templates down to the point that they fit me, I spent the majority of last night comparing pics of Jango and Boba. It seems that in a couple of places on the 4 chest armor pieces, Jango's armor is shorter and more narrow than Boba's. I looked at pics of Jango's armor in the E2 Visual Dictionary Vs. pics of Boba that I have stored on my PC. There is definitely a difference in angles and overall size between the 2 sets of armor.

The important thing here is, IF you're building Boba armor, don't use Jango's armor as a reference, and vice versa. It'll still look close, but not 100%. :)
I've noticed that the belly plate, on Jango, is farther down from the pec plates than boba's belly plate is. I'll gather some pics later. Too tired at this point.

What the prop-builders at Lucasfilm originally intended was a vest (and abdomen-plate) that finished where the belt began. They achieved this very well in ESB, but the ROTJ version and the Pre-Production has a rather casual outfit, considering the position of the armor. Rumors in fandom say that the Fettsuit was intended for a smaller actor, so the armor exposes Fetts stomach (weak point, no bounty hunter would let this happen). The original intention can be seen in the Comic-book "Twin Engines of Destruction", where Jodo's and Boba's stomach is well protected, and if you are true to yourself - This looks much cooler than the too short vest, doesn't it? So the exposed stomach could be a glitch, while Lucasfilm corrected this in Episode 2 and made Jango wear the armor as originally intended. Therefore his armor is obviously bigger, I suppose. However, many drawings of Fett still show the short vest, because it appeared in the film like that.


In the comic, it's possible to have the armor always in right position, while in real life it while inevitably change position when moving.
I love the exposed belly. LOL i know that sounds weird. For anyone who is a clint eastwood fan you will know the position clint often strikes in the early westerns. It is much like the look of that preproduction boba. Just my opinion.
Well, the other thing you must remember is you can't exactly use the comic for good reference of Boba . . . it's a comic. A lot of times his armor is way off in proportions and shapes in comparison to the real one! :)

You guys are all right about all these comments. I had the same problem trying to figure out meauserments all around my chest and belly. Finally I came to the conclusion the armor should be made as close as possible to REF pics and of course to your meausurments.For some reason the armor kinda looks small but when its on it looks just right on me..

Rogue Studios wrote:

If you are using comics as reference for Boba Fett god help you on accuracy.

Exactly. Most comic artists can't get a simple saber or blaster right, let alone an entire costume that has multiple variations.:facepalm

Though, I have to admit......in the comics' defense.......that Fett pic above has some SURPRISING accuracies. The reversal of the hip pocket flaps in relation to the thigh pocket flaps. The thigh flaps should form a "V", while the hip pockets (usually) form a "^". SOMEBODY was paying attention there.;)
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