Jango Bear's Now Completed Costume



Now the real work begins..after about 2 hours in that costume in Phoenix youll look like Twiggy!!!!

Good job Buddy!

Richie and Steve

Lynn TXP 0369

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Jangobear... Great costume!! You have a lot to be proud of, not only in your suit, but most important.... Yourself!!! :)
Fantastic job, I tip my bucket off to you.......

Got Maul

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Wow, that is a great story and really serves as indication of how strong the will can be. Great looking suit and kudos to you for following through with it.


Feth Milo

Huzzah! Good job. I wish I had your motovation, I'd be further along in my suit. If I saw that Mandalorian coming after me, I'd be scared ..


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congrats bear on both of your tough achievements...The suit looks great, I look foward to meeting you someday at some gathering...now time for you to start chasing bounty right?


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Great Job Bear!!! Sorry it's taken me this long to reply... I'm so self-absorbed in Danny's costume.

Thanks for sharing your story too... I totally get it. I'm fighting depression right now and sometimes working on these costumes is just the kick in the butt I need to get my mind off of my sorry sad feelings and get me motivated to do something productive. :)

Whatever works, you know???



Hey Bear that's an incredible personal account. Im happy to hear your doing great with your health, it just goes to show you that this hobby can be healthy! I bet your wallet is feeling skinnier too these days :lol:
Your costume looks awesome! :cheers (y)


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yeppers, skinny wallet too :lol:

But it's worth it espically saturday night when I went to our FAO and that one little boy could not stop jumping up and down an screaming "it's Jango Fett" that really made it all worth it to me.


Bountys Hunted

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Outstanding Bear! Your progress and story are a source of inspiration to us all. That a stud Mandalorian outfit could inspire you to do all you've done is an incredible thing. Just incredible. No matter what you could've chosen to inspire you to overcome great obstacles, it's plain to see that you choose wisely.

Your Jango outfit looks outstanding. I hope one day to not only see it in person, but to shake your hand.

Good luck, and keep up the efforts!

take care,



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Hey Hey!!!
Papa bear is finally finished.It looks fantastic man,I must say you did one hell of A job.WOW!!!!Whats next?Just upgrading, or are you going to start another project?


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My next project is one that I feel I MUST do. Im going to make a living version of my avitar. there is just no way my fat furry but can contend with all the skinny fetts out there so Im stooping to cuteness and awwww's

this is my next goal. Im very happy with how my Jango came out and as far as Im concerned it's perfect for me. but to the likes of Seeker and others look out for me at comiccon next year JangoBear is going there :)


Hand Schaub

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Cool - see you in San Diego... I'll be there - possibly as your sunny boy. I'm just starting my Boba costume and I'm putting up your bear picture to remind me to keep going! (hope you dont mind) :)


Nice Bear. Very inspirational. I have reached the point of giving up several times (I'd be surprised if I wasn't labled "whiner" on this board). After reading your impressive story, hopefully it'll take a lot more to discourage me from now on. Whenever I'm ready to give up, I'll just think like a "Bear." I hope you'll stick around to help out the rest of us who've not yet completed our costumes (it seems like such a long way off). You've already answered several of my questions, and I'm sure I'll need you again. ;)

Halo 1

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Awesome work Bear! The armor looks fantastic! Your story is most definately a postive sign to anyone who has come across obstacles in their paths. Anything can be achieved, if you try hard enough.

Once again, awesome work and a great story! WTG Bear. (y)


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Man, is there any room left for me to get in a congrats? Since everyone else has already congratulated you, I guess I'll pick apart your inaccuracies. Just kidding, I wouldnt know them if I saw them. Youre suit is impressive Bear, i can't wait to see the living Jango-Bear when you get it done. Awesome!!