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Ok gang here it is. I started this late last Nov. I have at times reached the "I GIVE UP" point more than once on this. But after todays full fitting it was all worth it. I want to share with the board something esle too before the pictures. Their are a few board members here who have known me over a year. A little over a year ago it was a very concentrated effort to walk more than 20ft with out extreme pain. Most of my getting about was made in a wheel chair or walker (I would joke that it was my Imperial Walker) any ways when I decided to do Jango I made it a point to do so with out any aid other than some one to make sure I dont topple over. this was my insperation to loose weight (thats right I was heavier than you know me as now) push my physical therapy to the point they got tired of me. and what do you know I can go now about 2-3 hours of steady walking when it was a mircle if I could do 2-3minutes. I know it may seem silly that it was a costume that gave me the motivation but we all take what ever it is to make us reach our goal. Well having said and shared all of that here's the costume.

I would like to thank the following for helping me do this.
To Moma-Bear she dont understand but she helped me none the less.
To my girl friend who also helped in the sewing department.
To RA for the armor, gauntlets and holster and ammo belt. Not to mention the tons of emails and helpfull hints and encourgment.
To BigKid for the girth and vest and gasket, also the nice pm's of encourgment as well.
To the Neon City Garrison for thier encourgment and helpfull insight to wearing armor.
And to every one here at The Dented Helmet

With much thanks,

James aka JangoBear

edited so you could see picture of costume. This is before some major changes had been made such as correct type of boots gloves paint scheam on helmet. This by far is my Kat's favorite pic of me when I could walk.
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It looks Great! And you have alot to be proud of. Both the costume and the recovery. It doesn't sound strange or stupid for that to have been your insiration. It doesn't matter what insires us, only that something does when we need it most. Sometimes it takes something completely unrelated to distract and insire us. And it's not just the costume and the work, it's also the people, like the ones here on TDH. It goes to show, if you want something, anything, bad enough there's no telling what you can do. WAY TO GO !!!
Congrats Bear,
Your progress has been amazing. The first time I met you it was in a wheelchair, and while I don't get out much I've trooped with you in just about every stage of your development. I look forward to being your 'son' lol...

Even Albin J. (501st LCO) found the inspiration to overcome his disability in the trooper costume.

It's a great hobby with lots of great people :)

Looks great,
Bear, great costume and even greater considering the progress you have made. My helmet off to you, friend. Hopefully, we can troop together someday. I would be honored!!!
This is the kind of story that gives inspiration to the rest of us. Damn, it makes all the work worthwhile! Bear, I must say I'm glad you decided to stick around & the effort has paid off in full. The costume looks fantastic!
Not only did you lose weight, but you looks years younger than in your Imperial Officer days. Whatever you've been doing Bear, stick with it because the results are quite impressive. A great story and a great costume.
Hey Jango Bear...I haven't been on dentedhelmet all that long (maybe for a month or two), but
I'm really glad I joined when I did. It allowed me to share in your very inspirational and amazing
accomplishment! Kudos to you, my man!

If we could all have just a tenth of that willpower...we would all be better people!

Great Job! Stay cool! 8) ....and have a blast this Halloween!
Way to go bud, we all find our inspiration from different sources and you're an inspiration to us all. :)

(y) (y) 2 big thumbs up for the 'bear! The costume looks fantastic!
Bear...what can I say?
Great Job!!!!
YOU DID IT!!! Your story will inspire me to speed up the pace and finish mine now.
Jango Bear - That story was really inspiring! I'm a bit choked up to be honest... Anyway, the costume really looks great and I'm very proud that you look great in it!! Keep it up and we all look forward to many more projects ahead.


Good job man! The costume looks super and your recovery is really great to hear; an iron will with the costume to match!
Way to go :cheers !

JB, Great costume. I've chatted with you a few times and never knew all this back story . . . just makes everything that much more incredible.

I'm sure you've inspired us all that when you want something and put your mind to it, it can come true!


Thats quit a story Bear. I see all to often the pain associated with weight and the recovery that can occur with strives such as yours. Ive also seen some of the older posts and must say you look great with what you have accomplished. Costumes not bad either, JOKE. I hope mine turns out half as good. Ive seen many things inspire people to loose weight and never has it been as cool as Jango! Many kudos to you with your awesome costume and improved health. Vern
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