Jango Bear's Now Completed Costume

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So sorry to hear your health is poor Bear. I know it's been a long road back for you with the Jango suit. I'm hoping you will again find inspiration with another costume.

Stay Strong.



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judz dwedd said:
Costume or not, just hang around for the fun. Sure it's not as exciting here anymore, since WPK's not around to hassle, but there's still stuff going on.

I agree, the costume may go on to other homes but the person inside is what is important. This website would not be even 1% what it is if it was just a buncha people in Helmets all the time.
Wow. I'm really impressed with your costume and with your recovery. I built my Boba costume so that I could get involved with our local club "JediOKC" in their efforts to raise money for Spencer Children's Hospital. I did it all for the kids, and every appearance we make as a club is usually attended by a bunch of children who are awed by the Star Wars characters walking around. That is what it is all about. I'm glad you are doing well and wish you the best in the future.