General Where can I buy I full Jango Fett costume that will be approved by the 501 legion

Right now... I don't know if *anyone* is doing full Jango costumes.

It's one of the hardest costumes to source believe it or not.
Personally I don't think you can go wrong with BobaMaker for a lot of it, but yeah its not a full suit and you are still gong to need to pick up the rest from other makers. I spent the last year putting one together and its been a pain, some of the things I bought ended up not working all that well and I still need to replace them with more accurate versions.
I run DC Props and Armour and I do full Jango Fett Armour, Gauntlets and Helmets all made of Cold Cast fiberglass, been making them for years just that im not on the dented helmet alot.


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You can also buy minutefett files on etsy and scale the shins you need to be larger. This way you keep accuracy (as much as a fan sculpt could) and don't go crazy heating PVC.
Where can I buy a Jango Fett full costume that would be approved by the 501 legion.

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