Is this color right for ROTJ gauntlets.


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What do you guys think about this colour, I think it is to brown. I used Wisconsin Central Maroon from polly scale for this.

Looks good so far ,after the weathering misting and silver scrathes you'll see how it will look closer to the original.
Good color..

mobius wrote:

After weathering, black wash, misting it changed colour more to the original.
What do you think.

Looking good!!!

Personally, I would hit with a little more black wash, and "just" a little grey primer mist, the real ones have a slight grey misting on them.
I would also rub just a little black chalk dust on them as well.

They will be dark, but when the flash hits it, just right.

You don't want the mistake of having them too red, alot of peoples are.
I would also maybe use a little bit of sand paper, a very lite grit. Scratch them up a little, that will give them a nice worn look.
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