Thanks for the feedback guys! (y)

I do have one question concerning the collar with back armor. We all know that the two pieces attach via the collar studs. But what are people doing to secure the back armor to the vest, or does it really just hang there only supported by the collar studs? I was thinking of maybe sewing some velcro strips to the vest and attaching it that way.

Just looking for ideas or suggestions.



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Irongladiator I'd imagine the lower part of the jetpack secures it in?
Edit: just watched Wasted Fett's suit up video and it looks exactly that, but it is in fast forward.

I can't wear a jet. So I'm having to fashion something else, like a longer cloak to hide the lack of back armour. I guess pop studs could be the answer or velcro as you say. Be interesting to hear what people are doing.


The armor I bought has Velcro on the collar and back armor. The studs are just for looks. Makes putting on the armor much faster.

Same for the cod armor.
There is a Velcro belt that the kidney armor is permanently attached to. The cod attached to the belt and small Velcro pieces hold them together.







Lazerjock - That's an interesting way to secure things. (y) I may put a patch of velcro to secure the Back Armor a bit more. But the front I intended to do the Grommet/Screw Method.

...And this evening I completed the Back Armor. I pretty much followed the same method as I did for my Collar Armor. I setup my work station again.
Setup Back Armor.jpg

Sprayed on my coat of Silver....
After Silver Coat.jpg

Whatcha guys think? I can't believe the back armor after two coats sucked nearly a whole jar of paint up. (10ml jar)
Back Armor Finished.jpg

I also have my Chest and Back Armor all together to compare/contrast. Not too shabby, eh?
Chest and Back Armor.jpg

Just a shame that most of the Back Armor will be covered up by the Jetpack. ;)

I'll start my Cod/Kidney Armor tomorrow.

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Great job Matt. Gearing up for that helmet. ;)
ShortFuse - Thanks man! Though I'm NOT gonna lie.....I'm hella nervous bout doing up the Helmet. I gotta start the research on those colors. I received word that the package is in Portugal (Where Boba Maker is from) fingers crossed that he can ship it back with the quickness. (y)

After my Cod/Kidney Armor, I'm gonna get my armor bolted on the vest and then I'll set sail on my Gauntlets.



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Your painting skills are very good and you managed to come close to bobamaker's colors. If I'm remembering correctly, you are using the 501st images as reference, which is not a bad thing, but you should use them as a secondary source; the primary source should always be the originals found in the Media section. I say this because the scratch in the cod dent is undersized and looks out of place:
RafalFett - Thanks for the compliment! (y) I took your advice and tried to "Fix It"......but sadly is was no good. (n) Looked like crap after the attempt. So I stripped it all off and gave it a prime and then the base coat of Silver/Chrome.

Cod Armor - Round 2.jpg

My Border Collie (Sunny) shares Vault Boy's enthusiasm. Now that I have a clean slate, I'll Humbrol it back up with Maskol with a larger scratch marking in that dent as per the pics in your post. ;)

Thanks for your input/guidance Master RafalFett!

I'll re-post my Cod Armor 2.0 tomorrow night, if I finish it!

Hey guys,
I still owe y'all an updated pic on the Cod Armor. I still have yet to finish it. Been camping this week and was meaning to finish it before I left. Came back today, and today I celebrate the BIG 45! The wife and little one picked this up for me!
Lego Fett 1.jpg

Pretty cool, 40th Anniversary ESB Bucket from Lego! (y) However, now that I'm a bit wiser in all things Fett, I now notice things that would otherwise not stick out. Do you guys see it? Here's a closer shot.....
Lego Fett 2.jpg


I'll get that Cod Armor finished tomorrow!

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