Interest in possible Zam rifle scope and greeblie.


Hi Guys,

After being approched by John and Beks to make thier Zam rifle scope and greeblies, I've been asked by other members if I can do the same for them.

The problem being is the time it takes to machine such complex angles etc, pushing the price high, and with the dollar being weak it makes it worse for you guys in the states.

So I considering producing a run of these in resin.

I would need a decent number of people to put thier names down to make this a realistic project.

Price wise would be approx £40 ( $80 ) and that would include the scope, scope holders, side greeblie and smaller greeblie.

Ive attached some pics of Beks parts, but Ive since made modifications to make them more accurate. (bigger scope ends for example)


I'm willing to go either way... Sure I'd like to save some $$$, but if there aren't enough people to make it worthwhile to make a run in resin, I'm willing go with the original version.

I just want greeblies and a scope! :D
Yeah.. I know... Haven't gotten that far yet! ;) I'll reply later today. Just wanted to post it here too for the record! :D
we may be interested in this if the cost is right...just finished our rifle and our stuff looks pretty darn good as is but I never say no to an upgrade:lol: :lol:
Right, ordered the material today.

Will hopefully have the masters finished in a couple of weeks.

I will keep you updated with progress. ;)
My bad... I didn' t reply... did I? :eek:

Too much to do... I'm going nuts here - C4 less than a week away, costumes to finish, still gotta work, cars to get fixed, arrrggh!!!!! *pulls hair out*
Quick update.

Made the side greeblie. Ive done it in two parts for ease of casting.
It's in silicone now, so will do a test pull tomorrow. ;)

Fingers crossed as it's got alot of radial detail, just hope theres not many air bubbles trapped. :(

Starting the scope today. 8)

Yes JD. :)

Made a resin pull this morning, and it has come out really nice.

Scope is machined and I shall be covering it with silicone tomorrow. 8)

Will post some pics of the resin greeblie later. (y)
Cheers guys. :)

JD, yeah I wil.

Finished the scope today, will post pics tomorrow.

Hopefully get it in silicone at the weekend. 8)
The scope came out great too!

Need to make the small cylinder that goes next to the greeblie, and the quadrent section for the front of the greeblie and it's done. :)


Is there still interest in these??
what about doing up some scope mounts as make the whole package complete? hate to have something look that nice and have mounts that are so so

as far as interest...waiting to hear the cost first....i know that you had the pieces for the molding already and im familiar with the cost of the supplies now that i did all my greeblies for the ill have to wait and see...if the price is right im most definatley in for a set
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