Installing borden

BH 32700

Seeking advice on how to install the borden connector.

I have a Bobamaker V4 ESB helmet and a MachineCraft borden replica. Unfortunately it is not a straight forward plug-and-play experience like I had hoped. The borden is a bit too large for the pre-made hole. Do I drill a larger hole? File down the borden? Slap on some duct tape and hope for the best? I don't want to ruin the paint job if possible.

Also: How much of of the borden should protrude once installed?
I've seen helmets with a borden just barely higher than the surface and helmets with almost 1 cm sticking out. Both looked wrong in my eyes.

I like to drill a small hole with a Dremel from the inside and only the inside! T
Then you should just be able to glue the borden. It should only protrude a little bit but if you like it out a bit more, then do it.


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