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I'm currently working on a prototype boba fett helmet. I'm looking for a borden connector but don't want to spend a ton of money on one. Does anyone make resin borden connectors or have inexpensive ones
Found this one on ebay, the real deal, 3 hole connector. Pretty cheap for what it is.


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Found this one on ebay, the real deal, 3 hole connector. Pretty cheap for what it is.

If you're on a budget these a great option. With that being said, the holes are mirrored on these compared to the bordens on the hero helmets. To get the correct view you would have to cut the borden nearly in half and display the cut side, which obviously wouldn't look very nice or have the chamfers needed to look correct. All that being said, no one outside of people in this community would EVER notice.
A good option and advice from above. BUT.....and this is only if you want it. But I got a FREE "Boba Maker" Resin Borden Connector. I upgraded mine to metal and as a result the resin one I have is just sitting here. PM me your address and I'd be more than happy to send it your way. Here is a couple pics of the Borden Connector I've got.

Boba Maker - Borden Connector - Pic 1.jpg

Boba Maker - Borden Connector - Pic 2.jpg

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