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hey everyone, newbie here to the site, seems great and everyone here seems way cool about helping everyone! im looking forward to working on my fett suit now ive found much needed info and tips ...so i thought i might pass along some info to help out neone. i found a guy who makes smoked titnted acrylic t-visors for all fett helmets (rubies,post, deluxe etc..) i have a 96' post i ordered from don post studios in 1996, i ordered the t-visor for $16.75 incud shipping, and it came it 3 days, its fits perfect. its tinted dark enough u cant see in, u can see out exc.,its about 3/16 in thickness so its durable. i figured by the time u buy a welders shield or acrylic , cut it, form it etc. its might not be as great quality and cost way more most likely. here is the link to his web site
http://www.t-visor.com or his ebay i.d is rembrandt-enterprises
hope i can help with this info! glad to find a "home" on this site too! :cheers
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