I can´t belive it! starfortress order received!


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Well well, after 4 MONTHS waiting i´ve been received the order i made time ago. First im gonna explain my experience and later I´ll will explain my item impresions.
I ordered a:

Gloves: Blue like the movie
Flak Vest: without velcro
Silver Knee armor.

I specified those things on the order and throught e-mail, and they answered me: Ok! your specifications have been received.

Well, after 3 months, I hadnt received anything yet, so I sent them an e-mail asking for information about my order. I get no answer, so since that day I sent one e-mail every day. After 20 days sending an email every day, I had get no answer so i cheked their page and I saw this message:

"....As of September 1, 2005 our mail at starfortressproductions@yahoo.com has been closed due to too many virus, worm, and trojan......."

Good... A website who makes orders without an E-mail of contact. Is it normal??? :confused :confused :confused
Their justification of this is: "If you have a currently open order please use the link on our main page to the order inquiries and Frequently Asked Questions page on our site and make sure to check with our product shipping schedules for expected shipping times for the appropriate items in your order."
So if I have a question about my order or need to contact them, I must ask to the FAQ. It´s good to know it.

Well, after all this I posted a thread on these forums asking for help. John Barrow (nickname: TK-1776) offered to help me. He contacted Anton (The starfortress webmaster) And he told me that Anton was going to contact me. I never get Anton´s answer. John Barrow helped me in everything what could but Antont didnt contat me.
Lucky, One guy contacted me and told me that SFP have an alternative e-mail. I used that mail and finally I get answer:

Anton told me that he was busy dying my Flak vest because flak vest was made blue and I didnt tell him that flak vest should be black. What the hell, where has anyone seen a Jango with a blue flak vest?, Well, as to dying something is a hard work and every human needs years to die anything, i gave him some time.
On 4 October (about two weeks later) I sent another e-mail asking him to send me the item throught express service because I need it for an event on 14 October (The truth is that the event is on 29 october, but i didnt want to risk). A guy (not Anton) told me: "ok, ill send it as soon as posible". Today, 21 October, I´ve received the order (of course, if I had told them I ned that for 29 October, I would have received the item 15 November, or next year, who knows)

So now this is my question: ¿Is it a good service? ¿Is all this necesary for get an order?

Well... so there is what I´ve received:

1- The flak vest with velcro. I told them please no atach the velcro so they atach him, of course. Flak vest is good cuality but its too big and don´t feet me. Of course it is not made of leather as the website said. I´ll have to sell it. Lucky, CruzzerFett made me a super nice Flak Vest so i´ll use it.

2 Gloves are CRAP. Sorry for my language, but is the only way to descrive it: Is the crapest thing I´ve ever seen. They are Silver - Light Blue color (what the heck is this? :confused ) and they are too big. They are something like a monster gloves. I´ll post pics about those strange silver blue things i´ve received.

3 The knee armor is the only think I wont have to sell. They are super nice. The knee fits me at perfection. Anyways the darths are already glued. I dont know why, i thought they didnt come glued but well, that´s not a problem.

Thats my experience. I never, NEVER AND NEVER will order them again.

I hope if you are thinking about order them you read this post first.
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I feel your pain. :( My only hope can be that potential SFP customers have been reading all of the negative threads about their product quality and customer service, that NO ONE will ever order anything from them again.

Good luck with you suit.
Dang man that sucks. I've seen so many threads saying how mad SFP is, I'm never going to bother going to their site again. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope you can get some of your money back on this stuff. ALso, post some pics of them gloves! Thats a very weird description for any assortment of Jango gloves!
They are horrible to deal with. I placed an order and never heard from them. I placed a complaint with the people who handle the money tranfer. I think they are called 2CHECK.COM. Anyway, I was refunded every cent. Mind you, this is about three - four weeks since the order was placed and it wasn't even in packaging yet! They move SO SLOW and everything was in stock - Go figure that one out. I've heard nothing but bad things about them all over the boards.

It is a lesson learned. Do some research before purchasing anything over the web. Good luck to you.
After joining TDH and hearing all this about SFP it just doesn't make sense to go there. There are way to many reliable talented members here to get your items anywhere else. Plus the knowledge and resources and helpfulness you get here which you can't get from SFP '100% Customer Service' :lol:
yeah, i hear how everyone really is flaming about the service they receive and i'd liek to see pictures of what kind of * they are sending out

*insert your favorite swear word here

apparently no one ever gets the correct color or size

Although it seems the service is more than sloppy and their products are mostly crap, there maybe a few items which are quite good.
The Kneearmor seems to be one of them. JangoUri wrote it and AdmFrancis and me got also nice pairs of them (although a lil too narrow bended for me, but which I could easily correct by heating them up).

However, the Jango boots are definitly not on that list for good items, as I saw the ones from AdmFrancis which where round-toed! (what more to say?).
..i agree Wasp, here some old pics from my progress.

i will reaplace the boots. until i found some better ones they will do their job....




Hep Jangouri

I'm looking for a Flakvest. Somebody know where to have a good one, I want to buy one at starfortress, but now i'm looking for another way to have a good one...
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