Hobbits ESB Bobamaker Paint Up!! :D


Jr Hunter
I'm coming out of left field on this given that I'm brand stinking new to vocally contributing, but I wanted to tell you: Seeing your progress from start to near-finish is awesome. You are doing an absolutely fantastic job and encouraging me to get going on my own project. Keep it up! Can't wait to see the finished product.


Thanks guys, truly awesome you all are! If that doesn't inspire me nothing will.

I got RKD armour (Red Kray Dragon)... does anyone know what happened to him? I have more armour and greeblies to get and he doesn't return my messages anymore.

That's an awesome comment Slappyman, I literally had NO experience doing this before, but because of this superb website and SO many helpful people... Rafalfett, Jayvee, SuperJedi, Terminal Fettler, Darth Vorhees.. to name a few. I would never be able to achieve this. I thought putting in all my mistakes would hopefully help people.

One mistake that I wanted to improve on was the back panels. I've never been happy with them so I have rubbed them back and have already applied the base coat and started masking. Shouldn't take too long to do. Watch this space (y)