Has anyone else noticed this?


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I was looking at BM's new helmet sculpt and noticed that the bottom of the helmet, near the left ear cap, looks like it sticks out a little more than the rest of the helmet. I have a SGB fiberglass helmet and that side is flat. It appears that BM's helmet is also flat on the side. Is this an area of the bucket that was built up to strengthen the helmet, or does it completely change the shape? Hopefully this hasn't been discussed yet. I was going to just leave well enough alone, but my curiosity got the better of me. Here's a reference pic from the BM new sculpt page:

That green area you highlighted is part of the original sculpt/mold and every real ILM helmet should have that feature.
Yeah, I thought it was something like that. It looks like the ear piece is part of the mold and not seperate.
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