Girth Belt???


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Hi, im starting my ROTJ Boba cosplay and i have no idea on how to make a girth belt... can anyone help me? I could not find any advice on how to build one. i had the plan that i would make one out of a few red jumping ropes and stick them together but that just doesn't seem right to me. Id be happy with any advice!
There are many different places to get the girth belt. Like Mythos Fenn stated, dyeing the belts can prove difficult - especially if your looking to get 501st cert'd. I however, am NOT looking for a 501st certification - I just want something really close as possible. I'm building a ROTJ variant and ended up getting Man of War Studios ESB Girth Belt, cause to me - in my eyes, I really can't see that difference in color. (No way, would I go for MoW's ROTJ Girth Belt thought - way too bright RED)
Boba Fett - Girth Belt Comparison.jpg

...I can speak to the quality of MoW's Girth Belt and that it is of very good quality. Some fellow Fett's on here will talk about getting it close to this color:
Boba Fett ROTJ Girth Belt Color.jpg

.....which is the color listed on the 501st website as being accurate for the girth belt, and what you should shoot for when you are looking to get 501st certified. But to each their own. Good luck in your journey!



Mythos Fenn

I used acrylic wood stain and had no difficulties. I did this several years ago and it has not faded or bled onto my flightsuit.
Lucky! I did the same and not all of it kept. Had some white peaking through even after 3 dye attempts so finished it with spray paint and then sealed it.