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Hey everyone, I'm new here.
I've always loved Boba Fett and have recently decided to start on my costume project for this summer!

Fistly, I need to get a helmet.
I researched and found out that the DP helmets are the most common and accurate, but they do I correct?

Therefore, I'm either going to buy a DP helmet and reinforce it somehow, repaint it and detail it better (like many of you have done!)...or...I'm also curious about these fiberglass helmets some of you have displayed here. I was wondering if anyone knew how to cast a FG helmet so I could do it myself, or whether someone could do it for me (no painting required) and for what price. Or maybe someone could cast me a helmet out of a mould they already own, out of some plastic? (as I've seen here as well!)

I have read the newbie faq, and I hope I'm not asking anything "illegal" here. I was just wondering since the fiberglass helmets look amazing!! :)

If that's not an option, I'm off to look on ebay for a DP helmet. Or maybe someone here has one they'd like to sell to me? Oh yeah, and I also realized that there are different prodution years for the DP helmet. What are the differences? And which year is the best, and the one I should buy?

Lastly, I'll also need some armour.
I read that Sintra works well, but I heard aluminum is good too. Comments? And is there anywhere I could get some lifesize templates to print out by any chance?

Thanks alot in advace guys!!

Bobo Fett
Hi there, welcome to TDH. First of all, if you are getting a DP helmet be sure it's a 95 or 96. Those are the best years for DP because they have less warping. Ebay is a good source to get a hold of one of these helmets. You can also find FG helmets on ebay.

You can also check the Cargo Hold where you can find one of these DP helmets for sale from time to time. As for the armour you can find templates in the Mandalorian blue prints. I am sure someone will post a link for them or you can find it somewhere in here. I guess that sintra is your best bet to make them yourself.

Good luck with your proyect.
Welcome aboard Bobo :)
The better DP helmets are the 95's and 96's but our 97 isn't that bad. If you have the cash, then get a fiberglass helmet which are bigger and more accurate.
We used sintra for all our armor so far and it turned out pretty good. It is really easy to work with, and if you screw up the first time, you just re-heat and try again.
We haven't ever worked with aluminum but we've seen some pretty sweet looking armor made of aluminum. :) We'll just let someone who has worked with aluminum tell you about it. :D
The Mandalorian blueprints is what we used but we don't think they're that accurate. :facepalm
Heres a link to them anyway, just in case you want to use them.

They look pretty good and you can easily modify them to be more accurate :)

Hope that helps. :)

hi and welcome aboard
you have good answers so if you need extra info check my signature for the CDREF, and you can go to my website to check my armor also go to the MMM site he got good shots on how to make a aluminium armor ... and if you need more help or info just check the forum or ask if you don't find any answer :)

Wow, thanks for the quick response guys! :)
Secol, thanks for the image archive...that should help with referencing the costume detail!

Bountyhunter185, what thickness should I get for the Sintra?
And do you have any pics of your work?

Ok, so now I'm on the lookout for either a '95/'96 DP helmet, or a fiberglass/plastic cast from someone (unless I manage to get someone in town to do it for me)

I've searched on ebay, but since my budget isn't very big, I can't seem to find a good helmet yet...but I guess i just need to keep looking.

Also, I obiously need gauntlets done as well and other accessories. If anyone is selling their stuff or is offering to make gauntlets/armour etc...please let me know!! ;)

You're no good to me please help me out!! hehe

You will want to get 1/8th inch or 3mm sintra for your armor. As for progress pics, heres a few...
Heres the chest armor (it's not a very good pic :facepalm)
Outside Chest.jpg

Heres the back armor
Outside Back.jpg

Heres the knee armor
Outside Knee.jpg

Heres the shoulder bells
Shoulder Outside.jpg

This is just a few pics. We'll be posting more in a different thread soon so keep your eyes open.:D
These are still in progress. We are going to add the yellow around the silver sometime soon.
All of these pictures were taken outside to show the actual color better.

Hope this helps. :)

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