Formal retraction from T.O...

Rod here.

I ordered a rope belt & ammo belt from a very well known supplier to which I have read NOTHING but good reviews about.

Maybe it's bad luck, but the minute I paid for the belts (by Paypal), I realized that the ammo belt $ sounded too good. Sure enough they wanted another 250% on top of the belt for the pouches.
The owner himself clarified & offered a refund to which I accepted on the ammo belt - I still wanted the rope belt.

No replies to numerous mails after a week & no credits to my account...

Buyer beware??

Anybody have any good suggestions??



The prop builder has responded, & refunded for that matter, I am happy....

I will however apologize formally to the prop builder & hide my head in shame to those that advised me better...



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Hey brother, sorry you're having a tough time. I once made the mistake of crying wolf too soon and the damn helmet arrived the day after I started making accusations. That's not trying to minimize your situation at all. I'm just saying that a week isn't a long time when dealing with a busy company or prop maker.

Give them another week if you can.
A week could mean that buddy's computer bought the farm.
2 weeks means you're being ignored.
3 week means they're on their way to Mexico with everyone's $$$. :lol:

Keep is posted and ask yourself, is prop maker X going to kill his reputation with the community over the price of a belt? That being said, if after another week of two and they won't even return your emails, be sure to make their ignorance public top protect other buyers. Just don't go against the TDH Code of Conduct in the process.
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LOL... hee hee, I love ur sense of humour... LOL!!

Yeah I really don't want to go against the code & don't really want to start any wars either! Just like everyone else - I just want to be happy... sniff sniff, sigh...

I'm the 4th gen in a family co. & I guess I'm used to instant responses regarding service & our reputation so it's a knife edge to walk sometime!

JD I'll take ur advice and hang tight & also keep members posted to any change. I WILL NOT list names & don't intend to slag anyone - just trying to solicit advice like exactly what u've given!!

Thanks for responding so fast! Mexico - u sooooo funny!!!

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closedwheel 172 wrote:

I'm the 4th gen in a family co. & I guess I'm used to instant responses regarding service & our reputation so it's a knife edge to walk sometime!


Hey Rod,

I know exactly what you mean. Even though this is a pretty down-to-earth propmaking and costuming community, I think it's easy for suppliers to forget that they ARE running a business. As such, customer service is as important to a buyer as price and quality workmanship.

I would wait and see what happens, but I don't blame you for being pissed about a week of non-responsiveness. That's no way for a business -- or even a PERSON -- to behave. As we speak, I've been waiting months (after a half dozen e-mails) just to see some PICS of an item I'm thinking of buying. Meanwhile, I'm getting pics left and right from his competition and just need to see how his work compares.
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maybe that person will see this post and it maybe enough to "re-inspire" him , but you are all human and you all make mistakes :lol:
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The key is to be patient. Sometimes the orders take a long time to process, the availability of the item, sometimes they have back orders, etc. One thing I learned is to just sit back, and relax. I had some orders taking more than 1 month to arrive. Its not that they gonna steal your money, sometimes they are just plain busy. Just my 2 cents...
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O.K., one of the prop builder's employees mailed 2 say that the owner has moved & that the mail has been down & will be down 4 a while...
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Just a note I do respond to all e-mails. Its also noted that AOL is hell when it comes to e-mails bouncing back!!! Bummer...

I just spent about a month getting married, moving 2 full houses( 4 kids!!) as well as my shop....whew am I worn out!!!!!!!!

Due to the switching of phone numbers to the new house etc my computer was down for about a week...

Rod I hope that all has ended well in your opinion.


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