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Hello Fellow Fetts,
I've not introduced myself since joining back in November of 2019. I found this site after wanting to put together a complete ROTJ Boba Fett Build. When I first started doing my research I found quickly that no one vendor or company really did a complete ROTJ Boba Fett costume. I mean, there was Rubies and a couple others, but none that had that "Movie" quality. Aside for my love of Star Wars, what tripped my interest is taking on this endeavor was a Halloween exhibit that is put on by our community. Our community has a few exhibits every year - Star Wars, Disney Princesses, Pixar Stuff and one random exhibit. Each exhibit is put on a lawn (Spread out throughout our neighborhood) so that when the Trick or Treater's go by they can stop and say hello! I had asked the community board if I could join as a ROTJ Boba Fett for the Star Wars exhibit, and they agreed to let me join their ranks. Here is a pic of what they put on in 2019:
COTR - Halloween.jpg

(My kid is the one dressed up as "Carmen San Diego".) A pretty mediocre bunch of costumes - but still was a hit with the kids and fans of Star Wars alike. I've put in a ton of research already for this and came up with a list of parts and vendors and where I'am with my build:
Flight SuitArkadyReceived
GlovesMoW StudiosReceived
BootsImperial BootsReceived
CapeObtained via eBay - US Army Half Shelter - Self MadeReceived
GirthbeltMoW StudiosReceived
Ammo BeltDelta 13 LeatherworksReceived
Wookie BraidsObtained via eBayReceived
HelmetBoba MakerReceived
Armor - CollarBoba MakerReceived
Armor - BackBoba MakerReceived
Armor - ChestBoba MakerReceived
Armor - ShoulderBoba MakerReceived
Armor - CodBoba MakerReceived
Armor - KidneyBoba MakerReceived
Armor - KneeBoba MakerReceived
Armor - Chest LED'sFettronicsReceived
Armor - Metal Studs (Collar/Back & Cod/Kidney)Etsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Wrist GauntletsBoba MakerReceived
Wrist Gauntlet - Metal Flamethrower NozzlesMachine CraftReceived
Wrist Gauntlets - Metal DartsEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Wrist Gauntlets - RocketEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Wrist Gauntlets - HoseHome DepotReceived
Z-6 JetpackCoz3DReceived
Jetpack - Metal Beacon w/LEDEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Jetpack - Metal StabilizerEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaReceived
Jetpack - Metal ExhaustEtsy - QuestDesignCanadaStill Need
Jetpack - HarnessMoW StudiosReceived
EE-3 BlasterAprilStormPropsReceived
Shin Tools - MoWMoW StudiosReceived
Voice BoxTRampStill Need
Decal - Helmet KillstripesDeLucks Design - Luckysy31Received
Decal - Jetpack MarkingsDeLucks Design - Luckysy31Received

I assume that with this group vendors I should be able to put together a pretty kick-a s s costume! I understand that Boba Maker is one of the better vendors out there for Armor and have heard that Arkady does simply outstanding work on Flight Suits. A costly job indeed but the end results really should be nothing short of amazing! I'm having Boba Maker paint/weather my Chest Armor, Knee Armor and Shoulder Armor. Those are the pieces that have some pretty fine details when it comes to blending, paint mixtures and where exactly the decals are applied. Daz (Boba Maker) is such a great guy to deal with and even during this whole pandemic still works on this stuff. And Carole (Arkady) too, great communication! I've seen the pieces she's done and for what she charges for a full flight suit, a great deal indeed.

I'll be picking up shortly here an iWata HP-CS Airbrush and a iWata Ninja Compressor. I'm still reviewing paints to acquire and am fielding any suggestions. Boba Maker says he uses a selection of Tamiya acrylic paints. I'm basing my designs off of the 501st ROTJ Boba Fett - Even though I have no intention in getting 501st cert'd - they seem to be a leading authority on all costuming versions of Boba Fett. But of course to each his/her own - and researching is just part of the job when taking on a build of this magnitude. No doubt that even after I finish my build I'll be working on upgrading pieces in/out to perfect it.

Anywho, just thought I'd drop in and say "Hi".

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