Foam padding material

Blaster Freak

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Although this is good for various uses, I thought this stuff might be a good alternative to sourcing the Riddell helmets to pull out the padding in those for Fett buckets. I haven't used this in any helmets yet, just in TK forearms (works great!) but will probably try it in a helmet shortly. So, if you prefer foam to a hard hat liner this might be useful.

Anyhow, it's a cheapo exercise mat (cost $20 at Canadian Tire) that is sort of like a "ribbed" high density foam...the ribbing is nice for contouring to something with a shape to it. One side is the exposed foam and the other is a thin tough nylon-cloth type of material (don't know exactly how to describe it). Hopefully you can figure it out from the photos. I wasn't sure if the layers would stay together when cut, but they do!





New Hunter
You got an exercise mat at a tire store? Hmm, that's usually not the first place I check for my athletic supplies. I'm guessing I'm missing some cross-border knowledge here. :)