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Well, i just recieved my first helmet, and im set to rock and roll! But i have a few questions. How exactly do you go about making the damage look more like the ROTJ helmet?
use lots of pic's to look off of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you might be able to use the search and find more info. Or you can do what I did and have someone paint it, I have no skills to paint stuff like that. And chicks dig skills.
That's a good question. We also need to know what it's made from. I.E. if it's plastic or fiberglass. Some helmets come with accurate damage already others need a bit of work.
I have gotten the rubies, which doesnt really have to much damage and weathering to it. im going for the ROTJ look, and it seems there is quite a bit more damage and weathering on the screen bucket then there is on mine.
Take it easy there, ADDboy. No need to ridicule. :facepalm

Folks will get the best costume components that they can, based on weighing factors such as availability, price, and accuracy of the item, how much work it will need vs. their particular skill leve, the information they have on the item and so on.

Our job here, among other things, should be to encourage those new to this hobby. :)
Which Rubies? The Jango, Deluxe Jango, Collectors Jango or Boba? Some of them need a fair bit of work (as luck would have it, you've come to the right place!)
What condition is it in? Unless it's already been done, you'll need to cut out and replace the t-visor (I recommend doing this after you've repainted to avoid the risk of getting paint on you nice new visor). If the helmet is deformed you'll also need to reshape it, this can seem like a lot of work but there are reshaped Rubies Boba's on TDH that look amazing, and there's alway someone willing and able to guide you through how to do it.

Good luck with it, and post pictures of your progress. Oh, and ignore Addboy! There's nothing wrong with owning a Rubies.
First helmet aye ... getting your first helmet sure is exciting (y)

It can be a good idea to remove the visor area before painting so that you dont miss any areas that need painting.. installing the visor last. Just another option for you there :). Rubies helmets can look very good when worked (y)

:jet pack
Mine is the collectors boba, which actually is in really great shape, it was still in the box when i got it (never used) and the over all "shape" of it doesnt seem to have an flaws (aka, the flare of the helm seems correct). And the rubies helm i got was a one piece helm and is actually very sturdy, so i guess im thankful i didnt didnt order the wrong one lol. I had read before i had even got the helm that the first thing to do was cut out the old visor, and i just ordered my new visor from BM (gotta love those dremmel drills! :) ) I was able to to find the star wars visual dictonary at a local borders which im assuming is a really good refrence guide.
Yep, all of the Visual Dictionaries are excellent resources, as are the Boba Fett and Jango Fett Reference CD's that can be purchased through various outlets connected with TDH.

Post some images of your Rubies helmet when you get a chance. There are tons of folks here (much more knowledgable than I) that would love to give you pointers about how to re-work it for maximum benefit.
Well, since i cant seem to get my digi cam working (stupid rain :() i snaped a few pics w/ my web cam, not the best, but you get the idea!




So now the real question is, now what! (lol, im such a noob)


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I have a rubies right now and am saving to get an MS. My advise is to take your time. I ran through mine and had to re-paint it.
I'd suggest the first thing you do is paint it. One option is to remove the t-visor and cut out the lower section of it and this could be done before painting but unlike fibreglass buckets your Rubies relise on the lower section to retain its shape. Once you've painted it (there are people far better than I to tell you the correct shade of paints to use (I do Customs not Screen Fetts), adding weathering and markings, then remove the original t-visor and replace.
Do a search for "Rogue Studios" That good ole guy has an entire list of screen accurate paints that you can get from testors.
Ok, anyone have any idea how to take off this stupid RF and ear piece off this helm, i wanna start up primering this puppy today, but with these on, its gonna be a lil hard!
Take a flat-bladed knife to the ear-piece and lever it off. It may take some force (USE THE FORCE LUKE! :lol: sorry :eek: ) but it should come off.
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