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I just received a mystery bucket, but it has a rough fiberglass interior. How can I smooth it out without sanding and poossibly weekening the helmet.
How rough? Exposed fibre? Spray-on pickup truck bed liner works well on that. If it's something else, see if you can get a pic to give us a better idea. Good luck!
Yes, I think I got the same helmet that he is talking about. I got it on ebay a few months ago. The person selling them does not show you the inside of the helmet in the auction. Their is no way that someone could wear one of these. I will see if I can post some pics later.
I would still use sandpapper. (not a rotary tool or any other machine.. manually) Just to get the roughness out of it. (there is no way you'll be able to sandpaper all the way through and weaken the helmet)

Then perhaps use the bedliner or any other filler (bondo/gelcoat?)

Oh.. and wear gloves... glasfibre splinters hurt like hell and you can't get 'em out..
and some foam afterwards?? maybe that will cover it up a bit, or glue some cloth on the entire interior?
There is also a spray on Plasti-Dip. Go to the local hardware store. I got a can at Ace Hardware in town. I used it to spray onto my pair of gauntlets, because they to have fiberglass on the inside. It is made by the same company that makes the canned plasti-dip that you can use to dip tools into to replace the plastic grips.
Thought this would be relevent...

This is a MARROW SUN MS BUCKET INTERIOR....this is how it comes...Great Bucket...NO sanding....Maybe a Black Spray to Darken...and tons of room!!..(y)

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yeah, that one going around on ebay is crap. i got one, and have been deabting leaving negative feedback for him.

mine was so thin i could almost see through it in spots. i sanded out the inside as much as i could and will be just lining the entire thing with foam.

i suggest doing what REALLY fixed my problem though - get a better helmet :-/
dont toss old ones, if you want, ill work on em, I have suddenly been sparked by everyone around that iam an artistic genious, Ill buy the "broken" or "poorly done" ones from you (preffered cheap) put a crapload of work into em, and if you want them back afterwards, ill give em back for the same price, no charge for work. I liked makin my helmet and I want to get better, but finding more helmets is gettin difficult right now, and shipping killed me last time.
Go get your self some 60 grit sand paper and go to town!!! I had to do the same with mine. Get some fiberglass and do the inside of your helmet make it a little stronger.
shortimer52 said:
Go get your self some 60 grit sand paper and go to town!!! I had to do the same with mine. Get some fiberglass and do the inside of your helmet make it a little stronger.

dunno about yours, but mine was rough to the point of actually having jagged spears of fiberglass sticking out... beyond even the grittiest of grits ;)

i eventually got it under control... dremel grinding bit to wear down the BIG lumps, then some bondo to fill in the parts that were so thin i could see through them.

heh... just goes to show what you can get when you buy from an unknown source.

it's starting to look nice now though, with sanding / painting / etc...
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