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i need to know where to get a visor for my msh2. what do you recommend? where can i get one and can i make my own?

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I am new to this and am starting with a rubies Jango Fett helmet. The visor in it sucks and I want to cut it out and replace it. I have seen people mention getting a welders shield and cut it to fit. I am afraid I will cut it to the wrong size since I do not have a template. What would be the best way to replace this visor? Should it be flush with the inside of the helmet of fit exactly in the space that is cut?
Thanks for your help!


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Originally posted by Sarge1nOnly:

I picked one up at a local welding shop, and promptly traced it back to the company!



Faceshield only Dark Green HF4178-DRK....$4.25

I just got one of these today and think it'll work fine! It's big enough, dark enough, and has a good flex to it.

Good luck!


This visor sucks. It is too green. It would look like crap on the Jango helmet. Now I have to send it back and find another one. This thing is Bright Green. Though it would look more like the photos you guys posted where it looks black.
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where can i get a BLACK face shield? I've checked all of the links in this and several other threads. I know, the green one is good, I've got it in my ESB helmet, but for my custom, i'll definately need a black one.

any help appriciated

*EDIT: Disregard; Ebay... why didn't I think of that sooner?



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Go on ebay and look for rembrandt-enterprises, or type 'fett t-visor' in the search bar. This guy sells them with a buy-now price of like $10. I bought one, and while I don't think its going to fit my particular helmet, it's still a darn good one.

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I use the dark green visor here:
scroll down for "HF4118-DRK Dark Green Faceshield $3.65"
It's flexible and soft enough to cut with scissors, yet thick enough, so no need to heat it in the oven. To attach it to the helmet, I just used two-part epoxy putty. It hardens to a metal and sticks to anything. Score the helmet surface with an exacto blade a couple times, then apply putty. Hold the visor in place until the putty hardens to a metal - about 3-5 minutes.




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Chris , as always you are the man. I shall have to try this.
The problem that I have now is the helmet is no longer
shaped like it's supposed to be.
The mandibles keep pulling away from the visor;