ESB helmet Measurements?


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Does anyone have acurate measurements for this helmet?
or can point me to a site with this info!

pm me or post here.

i'd like to try a go at sculpting one.. PLS help:cry



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Thx SJ,
but isnt the MSH's more acurate in size to the screen used hemets?

i already have the WOF templates, but i always thought theu looked off in the dome area :facepalm

thx again.

anyone else have info?(y)


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Well, you used the initials MSH. . . so Spideyfett's spidey-sense should be tingling. :lol: ;)
Maybe he'll chime in on the size compared to screen-used.


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However, if we use Lee and SS's 'Accurate Ear Casts' as a reference for size, then the MSH1 is WAAYY OVERSIZED. I don't know about the MSH2 because I've never seen one in person. I do recall a comparison thread done awhile ago comparing the MSH1, MSH2, and the MS 'Mystery Helmet'. I believe it was said that the MSH2 was slightly larger than the MSH1. So if Lee and SS's 'Ears' are accurate in size to the helmets ILM was producing at the time of ESB and ROTJ, then the Mystery Helmet (Sgt. Fang and Marrow Sun versions) should be closer to the size of the screen used helmets, since the 'ears' fit those particular helmets.

But...I could be completely off base with that assessment.

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Was there ever any plausible explanation as to why/where the ESB "flare" came from?

It was, IIRC, deliberately incorporated into the original MSH.

Was the "flare" only ever assumed because of the crack, or just a particular cast, or mere interpretations from fans?

While I know that the measurements among most of the fan helmets varies little, I'm just curious as to what the whole "flare" thing may have ever been chalked up to?

Lee?? Anything?


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Well not much factoids exist but from what we were told the helmet was damaged and the entire backend was cosmetically replaced and evidence of this can be seen in some interior photos. The additional flare out is only about an 1/8".

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Hey cool glad I could help with my facts I can't back up with facts LOL.

No sweat's more than I knew prior;) Plus since "completing" my costume, I've fallen out of so much and plain old forgotten so much that I've become a tad complacent. Heck I didn't even remember that Natty's MSH sculpt started life as a DP95 :lol:

No wonder we can't take some of the original makers/wearers of these costumes words as gospel being some 25+ years passing...I can't even remember 2-5 :lol: