ESB Beskar Helmet Chinstraps?


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"Ello, 'ello, I bought one of the former UK MOD Cromwell/Helmets Ltd Riot Helmets to repurpose as something else, (doesn't relate to Star Wars, Aliens or sci fi, I'll tell if somebody wants to know) but, I will not be using the polyester webbing plastic chincup chinstrap from it.
The ESB helmet appears to use this chinstrap but with the naughahyde/vinyl bits removed, an extra 19mm. 3/4" nickel D ring sewn in place and #1 or #2 nickel plated grommets installed at the tops. (#1 grommet has 9/32" 6.3mm hole, #2 3/8" 7.1mm hole)

Edit: 2nd photo shows two grommets set into scrap 3/4" Mil-W-17337 nylon webbing, black oxided brass is all I have in my mil spec hardware. The smaller grommet is a #0 (1/4" 6.35mm hole) the larger is #1 (9/32" 7.14mm hole), for you to judge which would be closer match to what the Maker originally used.


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