ESB Fett shoulder color?


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Does anyone have the correct color for the shoulder? Or is it a mixed color.

Can anyone share the colors that you haved used.

Thanks fellaws.
I'm not sure about the actual color but I am sure that one of them is darker than the other.
in other words, they are two different colors.
Yeah, the shoulder w/ the bantha skull is definately a lighter and duller yellow. The other one looks like its the same color as the knees, except its really dirtied up. I used caterpillar yellow for my knees & right shoulder, but theres most likely a more accurate color to use...I'm not shure exactly what that is, but the colors Lee suggested are probably a safe bet as being the right choice.
Holy Crap!!! millions Fett's here and only 2 answers. YIKES!

Ohh well.

Thanks for those who responded. Glad I have that caterpillar yellow.

Thanks guys - now onto painting.

From all the stills I've seen of Fett in ESB they are 2 different colors. I painted my right shoulder bell an orange color, while my right is the cat. yellow.

Here is a pic from ESB

Here is my first attempt - NOTE I've recentely repainted the left one a darker cat. yellow. In this pic it is still bright YELLOW. My orange looks a littel redder than it actually is too.
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