ESB 7CS - DVH Jetpack WIP

Kill Stripe

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Going to start a "Work in progress" on this thing of beauty.

Its a 7CS aka DVH Jet pack. To be painted ESB Style with all metal upgrades from Dark Side and hooks by full metal fett. Just need to purchase a beacon, stabaliser and dental file.

I will also hopefully be fitting a remote control smoking thrusters set up and if I can get it to work remote operated rocket fins. And a voice amp speaker set up by TRamp.

To be painted in ArchiveX paints.

First up on the list will be modifying and fitting the thrusters. 10mm threaded hollow tube on order...... Time to drill out the thrusters....

Kill Stripe

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This jetpack will be fitted with a remote control smoke system in the main body to both of the thrusters so the hose needs to feed into the nozzle bodies through the fixings.
Hopefully an electric light fixing which consists of a threaded hollow tube with nut should be suitable enough for the job.

Drilled a hole from the side and underside

Then epoxed in the tube. When it was dry I test fitted the metal bits


Just waiting on thruster nozzle disc to arrive.

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i gotta send ya the piece that attaches to the upper rocket that probably fell out of the gigantic hole in the box when ya got it lol. I'll do that Monday and include the chincup i forgot to send. :)

Darth Voorhees

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the rocket that comes with the kit is hollow, but i dunno how well it will work for the conversion you wanna do. There are free 3D files for it on thingiverse under stormtrooperguy, maybe that can help? If not i'll try and cast one that may be able to hold up to the mods ya wanna do.

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The metal pieces arrived from Dark Side over the weekend so I fitted them straight away. Using RafalFett 's excellent schematics

Jetpack Top Basic Measurements.jpg

I drew the lines and positions of the Stabaliser and beacon.

Sorry for the poor images its a tricky area to capture easily.



Drilled the holes and fitted the pieces


Just need to wire up the beacon and attach the dental file once the JP has been painted.
Next up cutting the jetpack body underside vents hole out for the speaker.