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well i have been trying to get my helmet done and the rigth sise for about two weeks and i realised that i do not have any ears im not shure what to make them out of i should have made a fiberglass helmet haha
ps wat can i use to make cheek bones i havew them taped in rigth now i was wondering if there is something i can put over the tape thanks by the way how do u post pics
Hey! It's my fellow bucket bandit! Ok, what I'm doing for the ears is casting them out of fiberglass resin. The best way I can tell you to do it is to get some modeling clay from Wal-Mart (the multi color works just as good as the Sculpies - plus it's cheaper ;) ) and sculpt the ears right on the helmet. Then take a small casting from the clay, clean everything off, do a posi-mould from the resin and attach away!

Now, as far as posting pics, just scroll down to near the bottom of the post compose page and there is a box that lets you attach files. Try that. I'd love to see your progress! I'll try to post some of my own at a later date in my own thread so I don't hog yours.

Later! (y)
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