"Ears"... GAH!


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I just painted them on. I tried several times to make decals for them, but I couldn't seem to get the angles for the curve right.


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Has anybody used the "templates" for the ear decals from TK-409's website and cut them out for painting masks?
If so. . . how'd they turn out?
I'm getting ready to start my first helmet painting project *shudder* and I'm looking for any useful tips/hints.

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Now those were useful!

I got some CD-label paper, and printed the ear decals off on that, using Photoshop to size them correctly.

I may actually go back and reprint them on photo-paper, then use some clear silicon sealant rubbed into each side of the paper to stick that down - Will probably look slightly better.
But these are alright for now.
( I do recommend cutting a small slit in the black arch on the rangefinder, otherwise it won't stick down properly. )


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I used TK-409's aswell, printed them on plain simple sticker paper (like what you use for cd's) and then sprayed the white on, painted the little black thingies on later.

ear decal.jpg