E2K13's Marrow_Sun Helmet


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It finally came yesterday!
I walked into my kitchen to find the box sitting in the corner! No one even called me at work to tell me the exciting news. I opened the box to find my...."Precious" inside. I ordered it about 2 weeks ago and it was shipped out on the 10th. I have to say that Marrow_Sun did a fantastic job with the cast! I can't wait to get to work on it. Here is the first of many photo's I will be taking of my progress.

Your helmet looks a lot like mine, but im not sure if it is a marrow_sun helmet...what do you think?
helmet collage.jpg

I still need a paintjob on mine. i already have the metal rangefinder and new hollow see thru top piece. i just need time and money, lol
E2K13: welcome to the MS helmet fan club! ;)

Snake Fett: The eye slit looks to wide to be a Marrow_sun in my opinion.
hmmmm...Must be a recast of DP DLX because its made of FG...I had a mystery helmet once but it looked disproportionate with my body. Even this one looks a little big..:( I didnt know what it was though, now i know. Thanks

BobaFettish wrote:

.....and the money disappears. ;) Nice helmet.

Too true! But money well spent IMHO!
Marrow is a great help too! He has directed me on a few things already but I am always open for imput and suggestions! I already see how much of a pain in the heiny the key slots are going to be. I ended up getting resin earpieces and RF accessories but am definately interested in getting an aluminum stalk and the hollow w/ transparent RF.
Nice looking Bucket! I have one of Marrow_Sun's helmets and it is a beauty. He's great to deal with too. Quick turnaround on the shipping and answers e-mails in a timely manner.

Don't worry about those keyslots. They are not that difficult to deal with. I cut mine out with a dremel tool and a small hobby file. Took me about an hour. Good Luck!

Mister_Fett_1975 wrote:

Ahhhh, the joys of working on a MS Helmet. Keep us posted of your progress. Hopefully you're going ESB with it, aren't you?

Still trying to get me to go ESB eh?
Well I am really leaning in that direction! Especially since you told me how ROTJ Michigan has become!

Thanks for any feed back everyone!
Well I have updated the progress pics. I have the Visor trimmed out and I have to do some touch up on the surface of the visor area to smooth it out. It seems pretty rough with a few air pockets. I need to put some bondo on the area by the keyslots too cause their is a tiny crack in the Gelcoat that I can see posing a problem when I go to Cut out the Keyslots.
At any rate, I am having alot of fun with it!
I'm also now the proud owner of a Marrow_Sun bucket. It came after 8 weeks of waiting. Canada is pretty far from France where I live.

The only things I can say is the helmet is a masterpiece, affordable, Marrow_Sun is a VERY nice ebayer!

The weak point is the inside of the t-visor area. I had problems getting mine cut out perfect. It was a nightmare to get it smooth.
I too am having trouble with this area but am going to smooth it out tonight with some Bondo and sand it smooth. After that, I am sure it will look perfect!
I too have a marrow_sun helmet and with regards to the inside visor area I found that 180 grit wet and dry paper and a lot of sanding will get the job done, it is a bit of a long haul though so I wish you all the best :->
just had to repost from Bobo's thread..


Marrow_Sun is the MAN!
:D :D

Arrived a week after shipping (I'm in Ontario), and I am unbelievably pleased with it. Top notch craftmanship!
Next week I will start to reinforce the inside of the bucket with two additional layers of fiberglass. This is what I done with my older Rubies and DP ones. Not that the MH is to thin, but I'm a ruffian! :evil
Ok so last night I worked on the key slots. I had a hairline fracture going down the one side of the keyslots that I filled in with Bondo yesterday. I sanded it all down and began cutting the slots out using a drill to make several piolet holes and then finishing them off with Hobby Files. Well, I no sooner got all of them carved out and was working on the top one when the material between the top slot and 2nd slot gave way on the one side. It was still in pretty firm so I ddn't have do much to keep it in place. I went to work quickly though and whipped up a quick batch of Bondo and reinforced the interior behind the key slots. I also put a little over the thin crack too. I checked on it this morning and to my pleasure, it feels really solid so I think that did the trick! I was swetting bullets there for a second though!
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