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    Hi all,
    Sooo, i've finish my E-11 project using a de-activated Sterling and genuine M38 scope & Hengstler and feel like doing something a bit bigger, more challenging and without a doubt more of a moneypit! I must be mad....

    ESB is my favourite film of all time and the HiC scene always amazed me so i thought i would give it a go!

    I'm sticking to the plans to be a screen accurate as possible but am doing a few bits to save £££.

    So far i have been to my local DIY store who very kindly cut my pieces of 12mm MDF to create the side, top, bottom and frame pieces. The sheet cost £18.00 and the cuts were free! They have been cut so precisely and look fantastic - the blueprints that are available online are so useful and i have stuck to them to the nearest 16th of an inch.

    attachment.jpg attachment.jpg
    I have drawn out the holes for the side panels and will ask my chippy friend if he'll cut them out.

    The buckets in the top and bottom panels are available but quite expensive but i luckily sourced some Tupperware storage tubs approximately the same size so will fit them for size and bondo in and hopefully they will look ok!

    I have been extremely luckily and after a good few days of searching and 'my friends, uncles, sisters, dogs grandfather might know someone' type thing, i have managed to source 8 ORIGINAL VOLVO 1979-81 INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS!
    One has arrived and the others on the way next week.
    Here is one as arrive, as disassembled with its guts and then without all the gubbins.
    attachment.jpg attachment.jpg attachment.jpg attachment.jpg attachment.jpg

    I've got a family friend who makes resin & fibreglass molds and casts so will see if he can run off some sets - watch this space!

    Really pleased with this find, i'm not sure whether to use all 8 in my build or to make casts and sell a few - let me know your thoughts!

    At least if i've got all 8 i can start to make progress on the panels over the winter.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update - ordered plastic greeblies from Zenix (Shapeways). Will order metal clips and plate closer to finish time.

    I been wondering what to use as a backing plate in the panels and after looking at some good hi def pics ( ) i have decided to use some 1mm thick aluminium plate as it looks the closest to the pictures and gives that shiny look that i like. I can trim to size, fit behind the panel and then paint and attach the greeblies to them ( ). I found a seller on ebay who cuts and ships the sheets to size and i got the lot for £13.00 so a bargain!

    - - - Updated - - -

    So today was the day and my panels arrived - bit nervous as wasn't sure what condition they would be in but when i opened the box, i was very happy!


    All of them were in great condition bur required disassembling so what better thing to do on a wet day than to put ESB on and get tinkering


    I decided that since the wife was out, i'd make full use of some device in the kitchen called a 'dishwasher' ...worked wonders on getting 30 odd year old grime and muck off

    attachment.jpg attachment.jpg

    My aluminium sheets arrived today so i will tidy up the panels (had a few rusted screws firmly attached) and make a template to trim the aluminium panels to.

    The MDF panels are currently with my chippy friend getting chopped and having the holes made in them - i should get them back next week!

    So i've spent the afternoon cleaning them up, removing rusty screws and fused bits of plastic and given them a final clean. I have measured the aluminium panels and they'll need to be trimmed but i've test fitted them and really like the look! I'll get some primer and paint and try and get the panels painted next week if the weather is good...fingers crossed!

    attachment.jpg attachment.jpg

    I'm really pleased with the look and think they'll look cracking with the greeblies on them.
    Right, time for a beer and a bit more research :)
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    Thats pretty cool to see the originals intact
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  3. LostDreams

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    Congrats on the find! Always nice to see that happen. I would've been too scared to use a dishwasher; mine melts my plastic containers I use for food to take to work lol! But on a lower heated setting I think your idea is great in saving the elbow grease on cleaning up the panels. Cheers!
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  4. shoeben82

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    Yeah i was a little worried but put it on the lowest setting and checked it every few minutes! Turned out it worked perfect - Volvo made things built to last!
  5. shoeben82

    shoeben82 New Member

    Well it's a cracking day outside so thought i'd get the panels primed. Bought some grey primer, hung the panels out on the line and took my time with the coats. Managed 3 coats with the tin, i think that should be enough!




    I've ordered a couple of cans of Rust-oleum Charcoal Grey spray for the non-hero panels and a can of Rust-oleum Metallic Silver for the hero panels.

    The aluminium panels have been cut down and look great, can't wait to get the panels sprayed and for the greeblies to arrive!
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    I've been umming & ahhring over what Carbonite style to go.

    In ESB when Lando checks the vitals, it has the Hero Panel 1 on the right (as you look at it)

    Lando panel.jpg

    but on a shot of Han being transported by Fett and crew, it shows one on the left side (as you look at it. Maybe the shot was reversed?

    Fett escaping.png

    In a promo photo however it shows Hans left side with no hero panels (see below)
    ESB Carbonite.jpg

    Continuity issues!

    I think i will play it safe and stick to the picture above as will match the greeblies i have and saves making 2 Hero panel 1's!

    I like the dark look of the panels in this photo against the block so will go with Rustoleum Charcoal grey for the non hero, and Rustoleum Metallic Silver for the 2 hero panels on the right hand side.

    Any thoughts?!
  7. shoeben82

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    The paint arrived today, 2 cans of charcoal grey and a can of metallic silver for the hero panels. Typically the weather is now awful so i'll have to wait for a dry day to tackle it!

  8. shoeben82

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    Painting3.jpg Painting1.jpg Painting2.jpg

    Had a break in the weather so sprayed the side panels. I have sprayed 2 of them (Hero 1 and Left 1 - for symmetry purposes!) the silver and the other 6 in charcoal grey. Really pleased with the finish and can't wait to fix the aluminium pieces when they're dry.
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  9. shoeben82

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    Painted panels1.jpg Painted panels2.jpg

    I bought a glue gun and have attached the aluminium pieces to the panels - really pleased with the way they look!
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  10. shoeben82

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    End panels and tubs.jpg Panels & MDF 1.jpg Panels & MDF 2.jpg

    The MDF panels have arrived!! SO happy with the finish and its not until you get them all together that you realise the size if the thing.
    I have gone with the tapering as per the blueprints as i think it gives a bit more character to it (and more work!)
    Plastic tubs need a bit of trimming and glueing in place, then the edges of the MDF can be sanded down to smooth out the end pockets.
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  11. shoeben82

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    So i the greeblies arrived! I separated them and tidied/trimmed the pieces ready for painting.

    I've kept it simple and painted the 2 types of nipples a matt grey-blue

    The other parts have been sprayed metallic aluminium and the t-bits, handles and various knobs in chrome.

    The screw/spring piece that goes in the end of the the hero 1 panel has been painted in metallic copper
    Greeblies1.jpg Greeblies2.jpg Greeblies3.jpg
  12. shoeben82

    shoeben82 New Member

    Quiet evening at home so i have started to fix the greeblies to the panels

    Panels & Greeblies1.jpg
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  13. LostDreams

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    Coming along nicely!
  14. Fandango Fett

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    Pics not up anymore?
  15. Cwmarcom

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    Lots of detail. I love it. Now if only you can put a couple of drone motors in it so it will hover! lol
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    Is there more progress on this? You have one of the better builds going. I really want to see how this ends!
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    This is looking good. Looking forward to updates !!

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