Do you spray paint or airbrush your primer for your armor?


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I was wondering which approach you guys take when applying primer for your armor parts. Do you spray paint it on? Or do you airbrush it on?

I wanted to airbrush all my coatings of paint on my armor; however, I don't want to spray paint the coating of primer thinking it will come out too thick.

What do you guys do?

judz dwedd

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Primer dries very quickly. If you try airbrushing it on, it may look "grainy" because the airbrush vaporizes the primer more. Therefore, much of the solvents evaporate before the primer actually hits the surface, and it doesn't level-out properly.

Lynn TXP 0369

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Spray can it, it needs to/should be sanded any way before the main color coats go on to give them some tooth to stick to.
So there is no worry of it going on too thick anyway since sanding will take some off. You should have at least 2-3 good coats of primer also.


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I've never heard of anyone brushing primer on, not that no one has ever done it, I just have never heard of it. JD is right, don't try and airbrush it on as it comes out quite nicely from a spray can. Use a sandable primer. If it is too thick for your tastes, just hit it with some 600+ grit sandpaper and dishsoap.
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