Dimensions for thigh and shin pockets?

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I am working on my jumpsuit using tips from the Mandalorian Blueprints, but the dimensions that site gives for the thigh and shin pockets seems really small.

Mandalorian Blueprints:

I have cut out the pockets and have started to sew them onto my jumpsuit, but like I said they just seem small. The Paterson Squeegee that I plan on modifying using BB’s tutorial, will never fit in the shin pocket if I use the sizes above. What are the dimensions and/or template you have used? Any other suggestions would also be helpful.

I've hit the same problems you've described. I've got some rough dimesions at home that seemed to work better when compared to the dimensions of the shin squeegee and such. I'll give them all another look soon.

Better yet, I know some of us are going to say goodbye to Boba in June, perhaps some "accurate" measurements can be taken then.
I used the measurements off of the stand-up. I had the same problem when i tried to use the blueprints. i still don't know what parts to use for the sonic beam thingy.
How did everybody attach their jumpsuit pockets on the thighs? Aside from hand sewing is there an easier approch to doing this?
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OK, how do you do it, do you have to rip out the inseam or not? Are there any pearls to laying it out, etc. Looking for help, not the obvious.
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You don't HAVE to take the inseam out--it all depends on your confidence in your sewing machine abilities. It would be a little easier without the inseam, but then you'd have to restitch it. I'd concentrate on one side of the pocket at a time--Just be careful not to sew the rest of the flightsuit together in a big bundle. One thing I've found that works great for this kind of thing is to start in one of the bottom corners of the pocket with your machine on reverse. This way it'll just work itself to the top of the pocket. Second, I'd sew across the bottom, and then finally the other side. My biggest recommendation is to break it up by sides--side, bottom, side. That way each side is individually secured, and in the event of a busted stitch, the whole pocket won't come off. Does this help? If not, LMK. I'll try to think of a better way to explain it. :)
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Thank you! thats what I was looking for. Ive never sewed in my life but that will definitely get me started. Have you tried MB's pocket patterns? Thats what Im planning on using unless there is a demension that looks better.
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I'm starting on my jumpsuit soon too. Is MB's dimensions what everyone is using?
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No, they were too small for my jumpsuite so I just enlarged them a bit. Cut some out of paper and hold them up to your suite to get the size right.
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