Dark Steve Back to Boba 15 Year’s later ESB build

Dark Steve

Jr Hunter
Back in 2002-2003 I had built a Boba Fett costume for my best friend Bill’s all Star Wars wedding!
I had joined the 501st and did some trooping. Then 2 years later I was forced to sell my beloved Boba Fett costume......





Dark Steve

Jr Hunter
Fast forward today....
I have been wanting to do another build for many years. So I started to order my soft parts a few months ago and a opportunity to purchase a almost complete Boba Fett build from a member here (RIP Bobaken) came available for sale. So I worked out a deal with the family.
So my new journey has begun......


Dark Steve

Jr Hunter
Part list....
Helmet DVH V1
Jetpack DVH V2
Armor Animefan/FP
Gauntlets FP
Soft parts Arkady
Boots MOW size 10 & New boots IB size 11
Harness Big Dane
Braids Woodman
Cape Woodman ?
Gloves Major ? New gloves Mike M
Belt ?
Blaster Stormrider ?
Pulce 40 pistol X2 ?
Shintools (real parts with metal upgrades)
Girth belt ?

Dark Steve

Jr Hunter
On April 11 2018 I started receiving 6 large boxes of my newly acquired Boba Fett costume from California to Ohio. I had to do a few alterations to get my jet pack on my back. My best friend Bill that I was in his Star Wars wedding 15 years ago give me a hand on my first full suit up!
My flight suit is too large too long & wide for me....I’m 6ft tall 187 lbs
I had ordered a new one from Arkady before the purchase of this build. She has a 3 month waiting period I’m getting closer






I'm jealous but excited for you man. My flight suit and vest from Arkady come in next week.

It's really cool to see you come around again and have another build, and I am looking forward to seeing it come together!

Dark Steve

Jr Hunter
Thanks deathxcircle it's been a long time dream of mine to do this again! I have spent 5 times more the money now than I did back then but it will be worth it in the long run. I was not planning on buying someone else's build but I could not resist it! It realy helped a family in need because of a unexpected death to a member here. And hopefully save me some time and $ down the road.
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