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Luther X

this forum is for we the people to discuss our custom costumes. and with that...

hello there. i just started working on my project aboot a week ago and its moving faster then i thought it would. my screen name has always been Luther-X so i thought "why no create a face to go with the name?" so here i am. so far i have purchased my fightsuit in black ala: and i have also purchased "blaster" ala: ebay- and let me just say that i am uber pleased with how everything is going so far. my planned color scheme is black and crimson. i have yet to deside whether the color of the armor will be silver(metal) or a gloss black. my custom costume since it will not need to be movie accurate will have some more "modern" aspects to it. such as my belt pouched will be pocketknife holders from an army surpluss store and my holster will just be a pistol holster that will obviously need to be big enough to fit my "blaster".
let me know what you guys think, and feel free to post info links and images of your own customs here.
Right on, another custom. Post pics of your progress man. I won't litter mine on here, got my own thread ;) Show us what YOU got. how much were those jump suits, btw? I just bought one for about $40 new at a surplus store here.

because i live in california they were 50+ shipping+ SALES TAX!! still they are uber awesome and well worth the moolah.i'll post pics ass soon as i start painting it (the armor\helmet)
I know you already bought a jump/flight suit, but you can find some nice ones if you just hunt around on Google. I got a great charcoal suit for my custom for around thirty, (With shipping, and I didn't have to pay sales tax since the company wasn't in Ca. YAYEZ! ;) .. Atleast.. I don't think they were, but no I don't remember. Guh~)

If you needed a few idea's, you could look around Lots of sexy customs!
that website kicks ass!!! i was going to join the 501st but this is better. no reason not to join both though. i already messaged them to reserve me a number for when i'm done. great reference pics!! really helpful!! i think i might go montross style(no gauntlets) which i have been considering for a while now. main reason is i am on a budget because of the low bounty hunter income and those things are too damn expensive!!
went to an army surplus store to pick up some stuff but they were out of like everything!! so i went to montanna hawk. surley they would have a holster large enough for my "blaster". but did they? no! of course not. why does all this happen? because the universe hates me!! so because i am making my armor out of sheet metal i took a stroll down to the home depot. but do they have sheet metal? no!!

so now i am uber peeved and am ready to go ape poopy when i find kneepads!!! these are awesome!! and they only cost 10 credits!!! they are white which means it will be easy to paint them to fit my color scheme and they are cushie so they feel good. and right next to them i find the most perfect belt!! being one of the items that i was looking for at the army surplus store i was uber happy to find it. its 30 credits so i'll pick it up after i get my helmet. next i went over to an aircraft hobby store to pick up parts for my jet pack. but no!! they aren't open on mondays!!! damn universe hating me and stuff... any way the yardbirds is right next door so after my experience at home depot i headed on over there to scope out some stuff. and wouldn't you know it they had a holster for a drill that fits my "blaster" perfectly!!!

so that was my day and a glorious day it was. oh and check this out!!:
it also gave me an idea. because everyone charges so much for a jet pack i decided to start looking to see if anyone will just sell me the main section and i can finish it myself. so if you will, let me know eh?

oh and svoor which mandalorian are you? i wanted to scope out some pics of your armor but i can't find you in there.
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You could probably ask that seller, or find someone on the board and ask if they'll just make the main section of the jet pack for less, (I'm sure someone would be willing to do it.) Or you could make one completely from scratch. :)

Unfortunately, my custom's not quite finished. I'm ashamed to show pictures of her, (er, the costume!) on-line as the few photo's floating around are an incomplete outfit I threw together for a film shoot last weekend. I have sketches and jazz... Oh, bother. Here's a really bad photo. :/ Can't see much, but hopefully other people from the shoot will start uploading their images. Guh!

I'm hiding, heh.

Anyway, if you wanted to see sketchs or somat, you can find me on AIM.
once again i am looking for a helmet. some bastard outbid me on mine so i am on the market again. i need it to be inexpensive but anything is welcome. it can be broken i can fix it myself.

i have updated my color scheme!! because of the popularity of the black and crimson color scheme i have been playing around with mine.

before i decided to go with the black and crimson i tried so many others in photoshop. well i recenty began to discover how popular black and crimson was so it lost its "specialness". i origionally wanted to do a black and purple because purple is my favoite color. well needless to say it looked to girly. so i turned my back on it entirely. well the other day my friend insisted i do a black and purple one and even though i told him i alresdy did, i knew he wouldn't leave me alone untill i did it anyway. well lets just say that i am glad that i did because i found a color i've never seen done before and i like it better then the more common black and crimson. the color could be considered burple or a cobalt blue kinda... i mean there really isn't a name for the color that i am familiar with.

anyway thats my update feel free to post any info on your custom costumes here. this is a discussion board after all!!
Yeah it's crazy how much the population of red/black Mandalorians exploded in the last year.

Sounds like you found a good color to go along with black. As long as it's not too dark the colors should have a good contrast going. You planning to use any other colors for highlights?
I originally wanted to do a black and crimson suit, until I realized about 18 other people were also doing them, so I settled on black soft parts with gunmetal armor and burgundy gauntlets.

Keep us posted on your progress, can't wait to see it finished.

yeah i think i sent you a pm asking to see your armor but i never got a response. i have recently found out that alot of my pm's (heh heh p.m.s. heh) didn't go through.
oooooh. i just figures out how to do the color changing thingy on here. so heres the "burple" i was talking about.

<font color="#6600CC">this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!! this is my awesome color!!


Luther-X wrote:

yeah i think i sent you a pm asking to see your armor but i never got a response. i have recently found out that alot of my pm's (heh heh p.m.s. heh) didn't go through.

I never got a PM from you. All the pics I had uploaded to the forum were erased when our old image hosting site went down. I will upload new pics soon.
Has anyone done a all black Mandorlian yet ? .. I did have half a mind to try and make a black and red one but as was pointed out there are lots already. :)

i was actually considering doing that and i think i'll try it befor painting the <font color="#6600CC">BURPLE to see what it looks like. i am sure i'll post something as soon as i do. the only dilema i have with it is whether or not to use gloss black flat black or a combination of both.
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