Creating props/armor with Fibre Glass?


I've been scupting since I was ten, and thought after seeing some of the photos here of folks doing their costume parts, that maybe I could put this to use, and then be able to make fibre glass pieces for myself and my friends.

How did you learn to work with it(fiber glass)? What are some good pointers? Where the heck do you buy it? And anything else you might find I would need to know before I invest in doing it.

And are their tutorials that anyone has online that might offer visual ideas of how you go step by step from create to finish?

Thanks Guys and Gals, I sure appreicate anything you can offer.

I've been doing this sort of thing for over 20 years, and I'm always glad to help others learn, but there's simply too much for me to explain in text. If someone were to catch me at a con, and ask about fiberglass, I'd gladly talk their ears off. I will be attending C-III, if anyone needs any molding/casting/building tips.
All i know i make sure you have good ventilation.. Me and my dad did a Terrarium base with a waterfall out of fibreglass&polyester in our garage.. we where high as kites when we came out..
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same thing happened to me when I spray painted my helmet. i found my self wandering around Walmart 4 hr's later asking a dude if he knew where i could get the stuff that sticks things together. (Super Glue)
As on tips on where to buy stuff i would point you to the closest boat repair shop. They usually have rolls of fibreglass and liquid polyester. Either that or any big home-depo shop (i think they are reffered too...)
But those rolls of fibreglass are ususally very brittle and break apart a bit when you roll it out. This is really annoying since the liquid polyester is really thick so bubbles form really easy. I don't know if resin is easier to use..
judz dwedd: I'm at C3 all week, I'd love to hear more about fiber glass. Talk my ear off, I'm willing to learn.

Boba Swede: Good point! No brain damage for me!

BobaFettSlave_1: ROFL!! Okay I won't be trying to request super glue after I do this. As a matter of fact, I'll just stay home, better safe than being picked up for looking stoned or delusional in Wally World.
All I can say is proper ventilation and a good respirator go a long way. With a good respirator you won't inhale any of the fibres/fumes plus you wont smell the resin while working with it. Also it's a good idea to set down a gelcoat as a top layer on your piece. After you have gelcoated it you can then glass the the mold. The gelcoat provides a nice smooth finished surface. If you can't find gelcoat you could always use plastic resin as a replacement. If you don't use a gel coat your piece is likely to not have all the proper angles and smoothness of your original since fiberglass resin isnt a very thin substance. It has the consistency of thick maple syrup and its also quite sticky so wear some gloves when working with it.
I was thinking that also Krillindb, about the respirator. It's something I planned on investing in for when I begin working with jewelry!
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