ROTJ Gauntlet Rocket - Aging Brass

Hello Fellow Fett's,
I recently got some metal parts for my ROTJ Hero Boba Build and was wondering how folks on here "Age" the brass component for the Gauntlet Rocket? I'm aware that MachineCraft offers a "Copper" variant of his Rocket. but I've seen some tutorials online that discusses how to age brass that will give it that bronze/copper finish. For example here is one: How To Age Brass in Less Than 5 Minutes | In My Own Style

I do like the look of this:
Aging Brass.jpg

Here is Reference Pic from the 501st:
Left Gauntlet.jpg

....And here is my metal prop, in the pic below you can see that it can be stripped so that I can just work with the brass piece...
Metal Gauntlet Rocket.jpg

I contacted the seller of the item and he confirmed to me that it is solid brass.

Anywho, just wanted to get everyone's thoughts if this has been attempted and if so, with what success?

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RafalFett - I can work with that reference pic too! You are correct, in that nothing beats the original. Thanks for those by the way! ;)
I'm just looking to get from brass to that bronze/copper look.



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The images shot by Britt Dietz in the C-IV gallery are the best, as these were shot with a professional camera and you can see details that are washed out in other galeries. I used them heavily for my stencils and templates.
RafalFett - Again, nice upclose shot of the original! (y)

KaanE - I dunno, but that's why I'm on here. Deferring to the experts! ;) But again, here is the brass pic of the tip I have, and the pic that RafalFett gave us.......a side by side comparison.
Metal Gauntlet Rocket 2.jpg

To me anyways, that looks like aged brass, but call it what you want, be it Copper or Bronze (I'm no Metallurgical Engineer - Haha!).....I can only surmise that Boba Fett during his adventures/journey from ESB to ROTJ continued on with his Gauntlet Rocket as depicted in ESB and in ROTJ (Obviously changing out his gauntlet config and color a bit) is what we're left with is the "Weathered/Aging" results on that rocket.

....But what do I know? Hahaha! :lol: Again, only speculation on my part.

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Using a Brass Darkening Solution I think it may have worked! Here is a Before and After shot....
Gauntlet Rocket.jpg

The "After" picture shows it a bit darker than what it is. It is actually slightly lighter. With this particular solution it only took about a min to darken.

Here's a better shot....
Gauntlet Rocket Before and After.jpg

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