Correct dye for girth belt??


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Hey all,

Just got hold of a new girth belt and need to dye it. What is the correct colour for the girth and where can I get it, bearing in mind I am in the UK?

Thanks in advance



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Hey Matt,

No I didn't see any significant shrinkage on the belt after dying it. I actually stretched it a bit coz I felt I bought one size too small...maybe I just have to lose some girth on me! One thing though after I dyed the belt and it completely dried, I had to spray and soak it with some Febreeze to get the smell of paint and stain out. Febreeze also relaxed the mohair a bit from being a little stiff with the latex paint.

Here are some pics.





I would use Rit, but ive heard that the dye doesnt hold well, and you have to use acetone etc...

Downside is i cant get any stain type paints over here :S Bunnings (must be similar to your Home Depo/Lowes states side) staff are the most incompetant bunch of rejects when it comes to knowing their own products and fields they work in... :S


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Did you mix it into water or something because its a rather large belt. Was it a dip and soak method or brush in the stain strand by strand method?


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Hello there
I've been working recently on making my own girth belt, as I am making my very own build all from things that I've found in the tradition of the Lucas props team a long time ago in a studio far far away, I will be posting the progress as I work on it so it may take awhile o_O !.
As for dying I've used a method that involves dampening rope, (my old chain saw hoist rope) and then applying red primer spray paint, it takes time to dry but while its doing so it gives me chance to work on other parts.
good luck Dan.