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Hello again, ROTJ Fett builders. Has anyone opted for the vinyl (screen accurate) material on their ammo belt instead of leather?

Handmade Horrors on Etsy makes a vinyl ammo belt. If anyone has had any experience with this vendor and can speak to the quality of the belt, I’d appreciate the feedback.

Alternatively, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Delta Leatherworks and his leather ammo belts.

I’m happy to hear any suggestions, pluses and minuses for either material. Thanks everyone!
I myself have a Delta Leatherworks for my ROTJ and it is a well put together belt! However, if what your after is the screen accurate vinyl belts. Then your on the right track in looking at Handmade Horror’s variant. I’ve been led to believe that those are the ones to get - for those wanting the vinyl option.

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I made my belt out of vinyl, all I can really say is that it is a pretty difficult material to work with so if you plan on making it yourself, get some experience using a sewing machine before attempting. I also have not heard negative things about either company, the Handmade Horrors belts do look pretty legit though.
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