ROTJ Girth belt correct place ,


New Hunter
On all the ESB screenshots Boba wears his girth belt below his ammo belt and the straps go over the kidney belt at the back , in ROTJ the girth belt appears to have ridden up over his ammo belt and fills the gap between the bottom of his flak vest and ammo belt , looking at ROTJ screenshots this seems to be the case , and indeed the 501st CRL shows the belt in this postion , ive seen sever 501st cleared Bobas with the girth belt below the ammo belt and indeed the costume when its displayed is normally exhibited like this .
confusingly on the SE costme the girth belt creeps back below the ammo belt and straps over the kidny belt .

I suppose Im asking if I costume ROTJ where do i wear my girth belt

image of costume on display left and 501st CRL right


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