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I can't remember if this was discussed before as it seems I have heard it sometime ago.

Are the upside down "U's" on the ears on the ESB helemt hardware store letter "U" stickers??? A black one for the right ear and a white one for the left.

It looks as though they are and maybe since I've been in the dark for so long about details I've missed the boat,but I hadda ask.
I would tend to think NOT. since the earpieces have a bevel to them, the flat sides of the "U" would draw together when wrapped around them. They would need to start out as a rounded "V" shape, to fit properly.
The ears don't bevel that much apart from each other.......maybe 5 degrees from point of origin.If the "U" was a vinyl sticker I tend to think that it would flow nicely.Maybe I'll go searching around town to see what I can see ....if the rain ever stops here.
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