computer key studs

never risk fett

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in case anyone is on the fence about using computer keys for your collar plate, thye work just fine. check it out.

ps- cape is sweeter then it looks i promise

stud :)
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My one recommendation is to fill in the indented top of the keyboard key. Use bondo or something. The tops of the real ones were flat. Otherwise they work great!
I agree with WebChief about filling in the tops. They do look pretty darn good! Did you sand down the bottoms to make the key height consistent, or were you able to find un-slanted keys?
i took mine from one of the keyboards off an old 6500 in my basement and the keys were relatively flat, they aren't slanted enough to really need to use bondo on. any newer keyboards however that would be a great idea

they werent really slanted. at college there were 3 old keyboar and 2 old moniters w/ a "TAKE PLEASE" sign on them, so hey, i took. God works funny like that...never knew he was into costuming
Looking at your photo of them you can see that they are indented on the tops of the key though... that's where they should be flat across. You could easily fill that in and repaint them to be more accurate. Shouldn't take long and it'd be an easy way to get your suit that much closer to the real deal. :)
so , is anyone painting that one stud red yet ? i think i'll do that tonight .this weekend i broke my right gauntlet at dallas comic con . then realized that i desperatlly need new longer gloves .my gauntlet was digging into my wrist .so of course i went thru the ole' " i'm selling boba " faze again .then i came to my sences .
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