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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by clown3y, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    Hey guys!

    To introduce myself: I'm Mario, I'm a student from Germany and I'm a member of the 501st Legion as an ANH TK since April of 2016. I'm also building a Rogue One AT-ACT driver which I have nearly finished.

    Boba Fett has always been my favorite character (obviously), so it was just natural that I come to the point of starting to build this costume one day.

    And luckily, that day has come! :D After a few months of research, I have ordered a finished ESB Boba helmet from a member of the board, which will hopefully be with me within the next few weeks.

    The build might be done quickly, but it might also take me two years or so. The experience that I've gained since getting into this whole hobby showed me that rushing things will never get you to your goal, so I'll slowly start to gather all the parts and one day, it may start to resemble Boba. :D

    I'll be sure to give you guys updates whenever there's news but that's it for now :)


    Parts list (updated 20/05/2018)

    Hard parts:

    Helmet: Mystery helmet, painted by Blaidon Props
    Jetpack: DVH V3 painted by me (well, not yet :D)
    Armor: WastedFett ESB Hero armor (on order)
    Shin Tools: Paterson found parts, custom-built pieces (on order)
    Gauntlets: RKD with 3D-printed flamethrower (on order)

    Soft parts:

    Flight suit, vest, pouches, neckseal:
    Arkady (on order)
    Cape, girth belt, boots: MOW
    Wookiee braids, ammo belt: Woodman (on order)
    Gloves: Mike M (on order)
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  2. Jc27

    Jc27 Active Member

    Welcome to the mad house that is Boba Fett. Be sure to ask questions and stay away from ebay.
  3. TK50175

    TK50175 Member

    Hi, ESB is a good choice! I know you, we trooped together and you know my son in a Jawa and my wife in a Tie. We habe been on the birthday party of little Leon with the „Hüpfburg“ in front of the house, I did the OLC.
    I just finished one last year as you can see in our public German Garrison Forum (I am darth-kerche-1975 and forum-mod). If you are planning to come to Legoland this year I can show you mine.
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  4. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Welcome to TDH Mario! TS-92529 from Great Lakes Garrison.

  5. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    ESB is the only choice!

    Getting the helmet done is the hardest part to be honest!
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  6. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    Thanks for the nice words guys, I appreciate it :)

    Of course I know you! Cool to see you around here :) I've followed your build thread back then and also saw your Boba in Speyer last year. Insanely great costume!

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to be in Legoland this year but I've sent you a PM on our GG forum.
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  7. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Welcome to TDH and good luck on your build
  8. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    It's update time!

    Thanks to an amazing hint from TK50175, I got the chance to get a set of MOW boots, a girth belt and a wool cape for so cheap that I nearly felt a bit bad about buying them :D

    The boots even are my exact size and all of these pieces are in brand new condition! I'm really glad to get these three parts off of my list without any trouble with customs.


    But these news are nothing compared to what I have to show you next. My helmet, painted by the amazing Blaidon Props, is ready to be shipped and will hopefully be with me within the next few days. Dealing with him was an absolute pleasure and he, without a doubt, did the ESB style justice.

    I can't wait to have this piece in my own hands. It's truly a dream come true to own a helmet with this attention to detail. I'll be sure to post some great quality pictures of it once I have it.


    I'll order more pieces in the next few weeks, so hopefully, I have even more to show you in the near future.

    But that's it for now!

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  9. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    Good start there Mario!
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  10. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    The paint job on that bucket looks amazing. The ESB nerd in me is saddened by the lack of a brow wave though.
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  11. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    Yeah, I'm aware of that brow issue. At some point, I'll attempt to paint a bucket myself and then I'll be sure to pick a kit that features it more prominently, but for now, I'm perfectly happy :)
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  12. Ghost_Fett

    Ghost_Fett Member

    Looks great and don’t worry about that it’s more important that it fits your head correctly. Looks like you are on to a strong start.
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  13. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    I would be too, don't get me wrong. I love your bucket. I'm currently waiting for an FPH2 that captures that brow wave perfectly.
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  14. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    There you go guys! I can't stress enough what a pleasure it was to work with Blaidon Props. He's a great guy and did a phenomenal job on that helmet.

    There are so many tiny details that get lost on camera, it's insane :D

    Resin RF stalk and topper just act as placeholders right now, they'll be replaced with proper ones in the near future. But other than that.. Damn.

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  15. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    And another one :D The ear cover popped off in this shot. Annoying, but an easy fix luckily.
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  16. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Very Nice looking helmet there C3 !! Good luck on your build !!
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  17. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    I've picked up my DVH jetpack from customs yesterday! Lou is a great guy and hooked me up with one of his kits really quickly, thanks for that!

    I picked his kit not just because it looks really good, but also because it's considered to be one of the larger ones and I figured that it would suit me with my 1.83m height. Let's hope I'm right :D


    The next things on my list are Arkady's soft parts, Wasted Fett's Hero Armor and gauntlets and Woodman's ammo belt and braids. It's a good time to build a Fett :D

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  18. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    It happened.. Last weekend at Comic Con Frankfurt, I got to meet the man himself. The German Garrison got invited to troop there and it was obvious that I had to be there, too.

    My friend (Lord Vader) and I (the pale guy on the left) had a chat with him about his own armor, (I didn't know you guys made one for him too, that's so cool!), Daniel Logan's armor and many other things. He's an amazing person and it was an absolute honor getting to meet him. Of course, I didn't miss the chance to get my helmet autographed. I wonder how many dented buckets he already had in his hands..

    I had to sand some of the black paint from inside of the helmet away and now I'm figuring out how to protect the autograph from usual trooping-wear while making it look as cool as possible. Maybe I'll just have to get a second helmet for trooping.. :D It kind of hurts to imagine wearing this wonderful piece during events now :lol:

    Also, I've installed a new visor because the old one was wayyyy too light.

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  19. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

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  20. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    Edit: Nevermind
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  21. clown3y

    clown3y New Member

    Update time!

    I've recently ordered a bunch of stuff and man, I really can't wait to pay all these customs invoices once all of this arrives :rolleyes:

    Just kidding! I'm more than excited to see how quickly things are coming together and the fun of building stuff and painting it hasn't even started!

    To name a few things that I'll hopefully receive within the next few months and weeks:

    - Bobamaker V3 armor
    - RKD gauntlets
    - Arkady soft parts
    - Mike M Gloves (I was really lucky to get into this run!)
    - Woodman's braids and ammo belt
    - Shin tools found parts
    - Airbrush equipment

    I begin to feel like "holy sh*t, it's really happening" more and more and I like that! :D

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